If you're a country girl, you must be loving these current trends in pop culture.

Songs like "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X, the revival of cow print, and even cowboy boots are making a reappearance.

Already debuting in 2018, animal print has come back from trashy to trendy. It started off with subtle cheetah prints on satchels and scrunchies to full-blown cheetah chucks, jackets, and two-piece sets. From there, it exploded into snakeskin, zebra, cow, and I've even seen some Dalmatian prints! Thankfully, no animals were harmed in the making of these trends.

Here are some top animalistic looks from back at the end of 2018:

Another trend that sprung up not only in streetwear but also in runways in the various Fashion Weeks, is neon.

Earlier in the year, I wrote about this up-and-coming trend, however, now this trend has exploded with a burst of bright color. Currently, you can find just about anything in neon hues. Purses, jumpers, jackets, sunglasses, earrings, you name it, it can all be found in your favorite obnoxious color.

Here are some of my favorite neon outfits:

Alicia Roddy on Instagram: “Mornings on melrose 🎾 @boohoo #boohooontheroad code LISSY20”

Now, this spring, one of the top trends is a love-baby of these two: Neon + animal print = spring 2019 trend.

Neon Snake Trucker Jacket | Boohoo

Neon Snake Trucker Jacket | Boohoo us.boohoo.com

River Island sweater in neon animal print | ASOS

River Island sweater in neon animal print | ASOS

You'll be sure to not blend in at the zoo or in the 80s, because the combination of these two trends is prominent, to say the least.

As I mentioned before, cowboy boots are also on the rise. No, really, they seriously are!

A trend that I never thought would happen, this is the spring go-to shoe. Normally once the weather gets springy and hot, we turn to sandals, slides and flip flops, but this spring is a spring like no other. Now, of course, we can't wear pants and button-ups with bolo ties in the summer. Especially if you're from Arizona like me, you would probably die from heat stroke. Instead, the best way to style these bangin' boots is with flowy spring dresses.

Check out my favorite spring cowboy boot looks:

I love this new trend because it's Boho with an edge, and if you know me or have seen my style, I love a sharp edge! You can dress these boots up with a tight dress and chunky, glitzy jewelry, or you can dress it down with a sundress and wicker purses.

One last trend that is soothing and sweet, is that of lovely lavender.

Lavender hair, lavender bodysuits, lavender work suits, and even lavender flavored coffee. This color is no longer only Easter-oriented. We're rocking this look all spring and summer long! Unlike neon, this color is understated and enjoyable to look at for hours upon hours. Though it may not be as loud as neon, it is definitely heard. This color will make someone do a double-take, and it will also make you look super tan – the perfect summer color.

Here are some of my favorite lavender looks:

So ride these wild west trends down to the bone this spring! The best places to shop for items in these categories are Boohoo, Missguided, TopShop, Forever21, ASOS, and honestly, many more! These trends are hot and so many stores are hopping on the western wagon. Also, check these influencers' bios for potential discounts at these shops!