5 Reasons Spring Semester Is The Worst Semester

5 Reasons Spring Semester Is The Worst Semester

We are gaining weight and losing hours of sleep.The only plus side is day-light savings.


Spring Semester should be a good one. Its right after the new year and everyone has their resolutions. We are all thinking YES we will work out and YES we will get straight As. and YES my life will be together. But in reality...Fall semester is so much better and here are 5 reasons why the Spring Semester Sucks:

1. It's cold


We call it spring but I'm freezing! I wear a million layers to school and then its hot inside and then mid day i'm sweating for an hour and then its back to being cold. This is Florida???? Why are we in a blizzard?

2. We are all pale


We have spent the last two months in leggings and sweaters. Our bodies haven't seen sunlight in weeks and we are all pasty and walking around like real like ghosts.

3. There is no college football


The Super Bowl is over and we are waiting on that one spring game. But there are no more tailgates and rivalry and we are all just sitting around waiting till Fall.

4. We took harder classes and we are all stressed.


Everyone always takes harder classes in the spring because there are supposed to be "less distractions" due to no football, however, in reality we are all just stressed and cold and tired and never want to leave our beds.

5. We all feel fat.


We haven't been in a bathing suit since summer and haven't brought our shorts out since September. Our leggings and hoodies are hiding the holiday weight and its truly the worst.

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A Letter To My Freshman Dorm Room As I Pack Up My Things

Somehow a 15' x 12' room became a home.


Dear Geary 411,

With your creaky beds, concrete walls, and mismatched tile floors, you are easily overlooked as just another room we were randomly assigned to— but you were different. Inside your old walls, I have made some of the best memories of my life that I will hold on to forever.

Thank you for welcoming my neighbors in with open arms who quickly became friends who didn't knock and walked in like you were their own.

I feel like an apology is needed.

We're sorry for blaring the music so loud while getting ready and acting like we can actually sing when, in reality, we know we can't. Sorry for the dance parties that got a bit out of control and ended with us standing on the desks. Sorry for the cases of the late-night giggles that came out of nowhere and just would not go away. Sorry for the homesick cries and the "I failed my test" cries and the "I'm dropping out" cries. We're sorry for hating you at first. All we saw was a tiny and insanely hot room, we had no idea what you would bring to us.

Thank you for providing me with memories of my first college friends and college experiences.

As I stand at the door looking at the bare room that I first walked into nine months ago I see so much more than just a room. I see lots and lots of dinners being eaten at the desks filled with stories of our days. I see three girls sitting on the floor laughing at God knows what. I see late night ice cream runs and dance battles. I see long nights of homework and much-needed naps. Most importantly, I look at the bed and see a girl who sat and watched her parents leave in August and was absolutely terrified, and as I lock you up for the last time today, I am so proud of who that terrified girl is now and how much she has grown.

Thank you for being a space where I could grow, where I was tested physically, mentally and emotionally and for being my home for a year.


A girl who is sad to go

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Paying To Do Laundry In College Is Annoying

Every little extra cost to a college student is a big deal, especially one that is a necessity.


Something that really gets on my nerves is the fact of having to pay to do laundry in college. At the University of Delaware, paying to live in the dorms for a year by itself can cost upwards of $8,000 not including a meal plan. Of course, there are perks to living in on-campus housing, being closer to classes and the dining hall and other facilities usually.

Yes you might be thinking laundry is only a few dollars to do a load, but over the course of a semester that can add up pretty quickly if you are someone who likes wearing the same bunch of clothes. I understand having to buy our own detergent and dryer sheets, but I feel like it would be a necessary perk to have laundry be free. I know that other schools don't charge for laundry when living in the dorms so I'm not talking crazy.

If you are someone who lives off campus, laundry would be "free" in terms of the fact that you are paying rent but most places come with a washer and dryer. This means that I wouldn't have to cap the amount of laundry I do or make sure I stuff as much as I can into one load in order to be cost-efficient.

I realize this article might have the overtone of being cheap, but hey, I'm a college student who is taking classes full-time and I don't work during the school year. The only chance I have to make some money is over the long breaks or the summer and that has to last me throughout the year.

Working out at the gym or being outside when the weather's nice would only accelerate the process of having to do laundry. After the gym, I always sweat a lot so I will go through a lot of t-shirts pretty quickly.

I don't mind having to do laundry in terms of putting everything in the washer and moving it to the dryer, but I'm not a huge fan of folding all my clothes and putting them away neatly. Sometimes I'll just stuff them in my drawer with the other clean clothes of that category, most likely because I will be wearing them soon anyway.

I just would like to not have to make sure I have enough money in my flex account or my actual bank account before deciding whether or not to do laundry.

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