With winter breaks coming to an end and spring semester starting for students across the country some of us have mixed feelings. But you know who gets it? Squidward.

1. The slow acceptance that break and your time of fun or relaxation is coming to a close

2. Your last night of peace and laziness

3. Waking up bright and much earlier than you want for class

4. Crossing the arctic tundra to get anywhere in January

5. And the inevitable sickness that comes from it

6. Your overly cheery TA

7. Going through syllabus week thinking about all of the assignments you'll inevitably have due at the same time

8. Telling yourself your career depends on your degree so you don't drop out

9. But thinking about other ways you could be paying your bills

10 Too bad your college job is probably actually more like this

11. Packing on that unavoidable winter weight despite your New Years resolution

12. Avoiding your responsibilities like

13. And then turning in an assignment after staying up all night working on it

14. When you realize you're going to be alone on Valentines Day...again

15. Because being alone during cuffing season is rough

16. When your parents ask you if you're liking your classes

17. How you start looking halfway through the semester

18. When the weather starts getting warmer and everyone else is happier but school has already killed you on the inside

19. Trying to find any way possible to bring up your grade as the end of the semester gets closer

20. Dreaming of next football season like

21. Trying your best to study for finals but failing miserably

22. Filling out your SIE's

22. Falling through finals week but trying to act like you have your life together

23. Finding out you did better than you expected to

24. Preparing for your summer to be like

25. Until you remember you have work or an internship