I may only have been in college for a year now, but think I can safely say that spring semester defiantly hits harder than the fall semester, and for many reasons.

In the Fall you have so much going on every week, you have Saturday night football games, insane football parties, you get to have a move-in day, and you get loads of breaks spaced out in an even amount of time.

It is really the most ideal time for college, and if you are lucky you might still have some of your sanity. Occasionally you may end up with a roommate/roommates and this is the time where you get to meet your roommate/roommates for your dorm and get to know them more if you do not know them already that is.

Fall semester is also where you get Halloween, Thanksgiving, winter holidays, and it starts to get cooler outside so if you have to walk to class you are not dying in the super hot sun. Having that cool air while the suns still out help more than anything. However, I assume that if you do not walk to class then you do not have that problem in the first place. Nonetheless, who doesn't love fall weather?

Spring Semester? Oh lord, that is a whole other story. Coming back from winter break sucks, and on top of it all, you have to jump right back into classes and have to struggle with finding your classrooms all over again, this especially goes if you are not that familiar with the campus. You also have to relearn the best/fastest route to class and on top of that find 'the seat'.

Unlike the fall semester, you haven't had all summer to look forward to school starting. Instead, you've had about 4 weeks and most of us are stuck in that depressing winter headspace.

You also don't get that many breaks as you do in the fall which on top of everything makes it feel a lot longer than just four months. If you do not end up with a good schedule then you will definitely need to take a few mental days, and it will probably take you all summer to come back from it.

Maybe it's just me, but fall semester just seems fresh, new, and more fun than the spring semester in which everyone just seems to want to get out of the way as soon as possible.