Spring Semester As Told By 'Beavis and Butt-Head'

Spring Semester As Told By 'Beavis and Butt-Head'

"Hey Butthead, I dreamed I was at school last night.... do you think that counts?"


It is that time of year again as we pack up our belongings and drive back to our little college towns. We are excited to going back to freedom, but not excited for classes to begin again. The month break from school was just what we needed to get our sanity back.

Now that it's time Spring Semester begins; here is Spring Semester as told by Beavis and Butt-Head:

New class schedules equal meeting new people.

So, for the first few weeks we want to make a good first impression. We trick them for the first two weeks into thinking we have our lives put together until we give up and resort back to sweatpants.

Then you realize that the 8 a.m.-class that you signed up for is probably one of the worst ideas that you've ever had.

First day of classes you sit next to somebody new and try to make conversation. Making friends is hard.

After your first day of classes, you already have four tests, five papers due, three books to read, and you still have no idea what your professor is talking about.

Then you begin to wonder if it is worth dropping out this far into your college education.

Not to mention, you also forgot what it's like to walk a mile to your classes every day in the freezing cold.

Let's not forget to mention people are still on the "New year, new me" kick, and they are going to tell you every single detail about it every chance they get.

And while everybody else is on their New Years Resolution diet, this is what you're still doing.

Then, there's the student who always tries to pick a fight with your professor, and always loses and looks like an idiot in the process.

Sometimes you wonder why you're in the major that you are. Then, you remember your reason for your choice.

It comes down to crunch time where you calculate how much you can get on the final to still pass. Ultimately, we are putting all the work in for a good final GPA.

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