What Spring Means Now That I'm An Adult

When we are little we are taught about the seasons. The science behind the seasons and why they exist doesn't always stick, but every kid knows that flowers and light rain showers equal spring. Butterflies, rain boots and sun dresses are all indicators that spring has sprung. Lately, however, they have been a lot less reliable.

2015 is the warmest year on record. Then we had January 2016, the warmest January on record. With the temperature changes we have been having recently, sun dresses were appearing in February, the perennial flowers I planted last spring never actually stopped blooming and on the first day of spring this year, I took a lovely walk in the snow. It was warmer a few weeks ago, when it was still considered winter, than it is now, a few days into spring.

So if spring can no longer reliably mean blooming flowers and melting snow, what does it mean? As I am now fully experiencing adulthood, against my will, I'm starting to realize that these things haven't actually been spring to me for a while. My adult brain doesn't envision a bright sun or purple and pink flowers everywhere when it thinks of spring. Here is a list of a few things that spring does bring to my adult mind.

1. Taxes

Ever since I got a job, spring has meant getting a decent check in the mail. I do miss the years when my dad would just take care of it and I would get the money, but as long as I do all of the work, the check is a nice little reminder of the changing seasons.

2. Midterms

Spring approaching just means tests and papers and pulling all-nighters so I can cram my brain with two month's worth of information. I would say I can't wait for summer, but before summer comes finals.

3. Application deadlines

Jobs, internships, graduate school, oh my! All of the application deadlines are fast approaching, and it seems like there is never enough time in the day to get anything done. I want summer to come faster, but I also want to know where I will be and what I will be doing when it does.

4. Allergies

Being an allergy-sufferer, this is by far the worst part of spring for me. I can no longer just take my pills as I need them, unless I want red eyes and a runny nose for the entire season. As an adult, there is no longer anyone to make sure I remember to take said pills and I can no longer count on my mom having extra Benadryl in her purse everywhere we go.

5. Family

Most college students can't wait to go away for spring break, to party or travel. I, on the other hand, can't wait to go home. A whole week with my little cousins and dinners with my parents and grandparents. And the best part? A few weeks later I get to go home for Easter.

6. Crunch time

Spring is just a reminder that there are three more months until summer. Only three months to finish everything I have to do. Only three months until school is out and I can lie on the beach with no worries (well, at least for the first week or two). But that means I'd better get to work on everything that is due before summer comes.

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