If the erratic and unpredictable rainstorms did not warn you that the tempestuous spring is back in season, maybe the fluctuating temperatures from 50s-80s is a good sign. After a long winter, all I can say about spring returning is thank God! Spring is one of the best seasons because there is so much to do: farmers markets start popping up around town, fairs, outdoor concerts, hiking, rock climbing, and late night stargazing all come rushing back into season.

Moreover, outdoor sports are a must; the lukewarm temperature and cold breeze of spring create the perfect atmosphere for those who do not want to get too sweaty but still want that outdoor workout.

Spring is back! This means outdoor barbecues, spontaneous pool parties, bike rides, lemonade stands, and the sweet smell of rain that always lingers in Midwest air. It means hunting for flowers in the middle of the day or getting off of work late at night to go to a friend's movie-watching party.

In the spring, everyone seems to shed their winter funk and reopen themselves to the possibility of the world. The grocery market becomes a little friendlier, your neighbor's kids start playing outside again, and the sound of a dog barking becomes white noise. There is so much to love about spring that can be easy to forget due to the frequent downpours.

However, these also bring about staying in and having movie nights with pizza delivered, car rides to pick up popcorn and snacks, overly competitive board game tournaments or sitting in a big chair with a good book.

Take this spring to re-energize yourself and center your energy. Remember all the good things spring will bring as it relieves us all of a bitter cold winter season, and try not to let the constant rain get you down too much!