How To Spring Clean Your College Dorm
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Student Life

How To Spring Clean Your College Dorm

If you're not into cleaning during summer, autumn, or winter, maybe it's time to try spring cleaning

How To Spring Clean Your College Dorm

When you hear the word "spring," what are some of the first things that come to mind? Warmer weather, flowers beginning to bloom, and pastel colors are some of my first thoughts. A common first thought for many people is the idea of spring cleaning.

As a college student, I think I speak for all of us when I say that cleaning our dorm isn’t something we really enjoy doing. My roommate and I actually keep our dorm pretty tidy, but I know that isn’t the case for everyone. So, here are some helpful tips on how to clean your college dorm.

1. Clean under those beds

If you’re anything like my roommate and I, you have tons of storage bins and boxes under your bed. One good idea is to drag those out from under your bed and vacuum and/or scrub the floor. Who knows, you might even find some things under there that you unknowingly lost, like a pen, a pair of shorts, and if you’re lucky, your motivation to finish this semester.

2. Vacuum/Sweep everything

Along with vacuuming under the beds, it’s also a good idea to vacuum the entire room: especially if you have rugs or carpets. The amount of dirt and dust that collects on the floor often goes unnoticed, so it’s important that you thoroughly vacuum. Go over the carpets a few times, as dirt can get into deep crevices of the carpets that makes it harder to remove. If you have tile floors, it might be a good idea to invest in one of these...

They have the added benefit of helping you clean the room while you lay on the floor crying, stressing about all the assignments you have due in the next week.

3. Clean those mirrors

Mirrors are other surfaces that often collect a lot of fingerprints and dirt without us realizing. Windex and paper towels are my go-to tools that I use whenever I want to clean mirrors, and they’re pretty reliable. Make sure to get them clean to the point that when you look in the mirror, you can really notice the bags under your eyes from the copious amount of all-nighters you’ve been pulling to get all your work done.

4. Switch that wardrobe/do that laundry

The transition from winter to spring normally involves the switch of all your sweaters and hoodies to short sleeve shirts and dresses. Warmer temperatures allow for t-shirts and three-quarter length leggings instead of full ones. A small downside to the wardrobe change is that you can’t wear the same hoodie five days in a row and have no one judge you. Unfortunately, if you wear the same t-shirt five days in a row, people are going to notice. Just be sure that when you switch out your clothes you have enough shirts, or just keep up with your laundry.

5. Wash those dishes

One of the main problems I have is keeping up with my dishes, which my roommate normally makes fun of me for. I always tell myself, “Oh, I’ll definitely wash them tomorrow when I get back from class!” and then I never do. Keeping up with your dishes is something that’s important, as they can make your room look unclean and can start to smell. So make sure to wash all those mugs that you’ve used for coffee at insane hours of the morning.

6. Throw away those old papers

If you didn't get rid of old papers or tests from last semester already, I highly recommend doing so. Don't throw out everything, as some essays or study guides are useful to keep for the future. Other things, such as random assignments or old syllabi aren't of use anymore, so go ahead and get rid of them. Just be careful not to throw away anything from this semester!

Obviously, these are only a few of the things you can do to help freshen up your dorm. Cleaning is something you can do that has multiple benefits, so why not join the mass of people who spring clean? Remember: clean dorms are happy dorms.

Happy cleaning!

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