My freshman year of college, I decided to go to California for Spring Break. The decision was made in like November and finalized in early February, weeks before break.

I was so pumped; me, my roommate, her ex roommate, and our Cali native friend, sunny bound for a whole week.

It wound up being three of us, but was still so much fun. In N Out, some good ole Authentic Mexican food, a mall trip, a beach trip, the Santa Monica pier, and two movie theatre experiences later, I could say I never wanted to leave.

Of course, we did, and my Sophomore year brought an adventure home, where I went to the dance club, took a trip to the town over to go shopping, and bummed around. It was pure magic.

So, this being my third year, my best friend and I decided to mix things up and go to Seattle. Not the typical sunny and 75 most Spring Breakers go too, but it was joy enough for us.

We rented a condo downtown and got an amazing experience. We ubered for the first time (whooo!) and bought city passes; these included discount tickets to places such as the space needle, the aquarium, and a harbor tour.

We tried a new restaurant, called Tacos Chuki's, and fell utterly in love. It was so authentic and felt like home. Oh, and us being faithful McDonald's employees had us searching the nearest Mickey D's. We experimented at three of them!

We also got piercings and went to a few movies. We're boring, we know.

But the best part of this Spring Break? Being bums! We work, study, do homework, and try to have as much of a social life as possible. Which mostly fails, but we try.

Cheers to a successful Spring Break and finishing the year stronger!