Spring Break... Where Did You Go?

Spring Break... Where Did You Go?

​Coming back to school thinking that the first week after break would be easy was not the right mindset. At all.


Spring break, where did you go?

That's the question I have been asking myself. Exams, papers, reports, projects and deadlines just slammed me in the face, as hard as spring break did when it walked away coldly.

Thought the first week after break would be gentle? Wrong. School wants summer so bad that it decides to push everything as hard as possible. Professors asked how my break was at the beginning of class and by the end of class they told me to prepare for exams/papers that will be due soon.

Me: Are you serious?

Three times a day I thought of withdrawing a course. Two times last week I thought of dropping pre-pharmacy and just be a typical business student. And I did think of dropping out of college. That's how bad things were. I did not have time for friends, family, or myself. All my free time was dedicated to sleeping, because I was living on 4-5 hours of sleep every night.

And that was when I started to question myself: What's the point?

And the answer always woke me up from the pessimism. I had come so far for college, had left everything I built behind to start over again, and had crushed my comfort zone for new experiences. I wanted to see how much I could take on, because the idea of challenge/adventure really excited me.

I wanted to how far I could go, and where my limit would be.

You may think I am crazy, but I can't live a life without stress. I may be stressed a lot, but I'm willing to because it's all happy stress.


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