5 Reasons Staying Home Over Spring Break Is The Best

5 Reasons Staying Home Over Spring Break Is The Best

Why go somewhere exotic when you can sleep in your own bed?


Spring break, at least for me, is a time to unwind from the stresses of school and rejuvenate myself for the remaining weeks of the semester. I would love to go somewhere exotic and frolic in crystal-clear oceans with my friends, but I miss home; I miss my bed, cat, parents, and alone time. There's so much pressure to have a glamorous and expensive vacation worthy of Instagram that most people see staying home as a negative. However, I'm here to say that staying home is the best choice anyone could make and that vacationing somewhere with all of your friends (whom you see every day if I may add), is overrated.

Below are five reasons why you should be grateful you get to spend a week at home rather than somewhere else.

1. You get to have the alone time college doesn't grant you.

If you're anything like me then you're someone who needs alone time in order to keep a peace of mind. Don't get me wrong, I love how social college is but sometimes it's nice to just worry about yourself and not about making plans to go out or spend time with friends. A week at home will allow for privacy and independence college doesn't really grant as well as being a place where you feel most like yourself.

2. You're allowed to just sit at home all day void of judgement. 

I feel like I'm constantly running around campus or constantly completing assignments, making it hard to find time to just relax. Being home will grant all the time I need to unwind and be as lazy as I want. School is tough, you deserve to be able to roll out of your own bed mid-afternoon and stay in your pajamas all day!

3. You get to eat home-cooked meals rather than fast-food or whatever the dining hall dishes out.

I CRAVE my mom's cooking, not only because it's amazing, but because it makes me feel loved, well-taken care of, and satisfied. Why would I give up the opportunity to be fed by her a week?

4. You're allowed to do things on your own time.

College is a schedule that never ends; once I finish one thing, I have to run and complete the other. At home, everything's on my terms; no waking up at a certain time and no having to submit an assignment by a certain due date.

5. The comfortableness of being in your own house/hometown is hard to beat.

Nothing beats being able to shower in my own bathroom, sleeping on my own bed, driving my car, and being surrounded by my family. Vacationing somewhere with my friends would be fun, but it would take away my last opportunity to go home before summer. Being home just brings a sense of comfort over me no other place could.

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Why Spring Break Is Important

Students have been working hard and deserve a break, but there are also other reasons as to why they need the time off.

Everyone needs spring break. No matter your age, the time away from thinking hard is much needed. You need the opportunity to recharge your brain and your body. Your brain needs a chance to recover from all of the knowledge it has gained and your body needs to recuperate from the sleepless nights and the toll that stress has had on it. The regular things in life can become old really quickly and to have a fresh view of your daily life, you need to be able to step back from it. There are also students who are extremely far from home and need the opportunity to see their families. However, Spring Break is not just for the students, but for the faculty as well. They need the time off and away from the students as much as the students need time away from the faculty members.

Spring break is also beneficial to your mental health. Staring at the same people and the same rooms for too long will make anyone lose their minds. Being able to step away from your stressful life at school can help you maintain your sanity as well. Stress is actually good for you but too much is detrimental. Having that week off to just relax and get your life together is what makes it possible for students to return afterward and be successful. As well, faculty members are ready and in need for a break. They have to deal with making tests and preparing lectures while catering to student needs on a seemingly 24/7 basis. They need time to recover their energy from sleepless nights and they deserve to have time where they aren’t grading or preparing for class.

By the time the break comes around, students are mentally prepared for time off of learning. Only so much knowledge can be crammed into a brain at once. Spring Break comes at a time where students can head to the beach and spend time with their families. If students are in college, they do not have the opportunity to get to see their families as much as they used to. The break allows them to catch up and spend a lengthy amount of time with their folks and kin. International students even get an opportunity to return home and see their families. Being so far away from home and not being able to use the shorter breaks to go back makes Spring Break an important time for them.

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10 Things To Bring A Smile To Your Face As You Push Through The Post Spring Break Struggle

The post spring break blues are a legitimate thing.


The time has come to settle back in to finish out the semester. There are three or so months left requiring your time, dedication, and hard work and right now it seems rather daunting. As you find your way back into the school groove, here are ten things that'll bring a smile back into your life as you push through.

1. Funny dog videos. 

2. Warmer weather is coming. 

4. The stress is only temporary!

5. There will be time to binge watch your favorite show soon enough. 

6. All of this is going to pay off and you'll have a degree to show for it! 

7. It's girl scout cookie season!

8. BuzzFeed is always posting new quizzes to take advantage of. 

9. Payless is going out of business so you can go buy yourself some cheap shoes. 

10. Winter clothing and other items have begun the markdown period so you can give in a little to the shopping itch. 

Summer will be here before you know it, so give these next couple months all you've got. It pays off!

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