15 Things To Do For Spring Break If You Are Staying In Florida

15 Things To Do For Spring Break If You Are Staying In Florida

There are many local parks, attractions, beaches and museums to visit.


Spring break is quickly approaching and if you aren't going out of town for the week, there is an array of things to do in North, Central and South Florida. There are so many things to do in Florida, believe it or not. Some may be close to you and some might be far but I promise that you won't regret going to these places.

1. North Florida.

If you are planning to stay at FSU for spring break or live nearby, don't fear a boring week, there are many local activities and adventures to help you get away from campus or Tallahassee in north Florida.

2. Amelia Island

Amelia Island is a 13.05-mile long island in Nassau County on the Atlantic coast of Florida. There are many recreational facilities, resorts, and public boardwalks to enjoy without needing more than a few bucks in your pocket.

3. Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park.

This Florida state park in Wakulla County is very close to FSU and engulfs 6,000 acres of land. The park costs $6 per vehicle and includes a deep freshwater spring, manatees, alligators, and guided riverboat tours that cost $8.

4. Cummer Museum of Arts and Gardens.

If you aren't a beach person and appreciate art, Cummer Museum is located in Jacksonville which is a two and a half hour drive from Tallahassee. The admission price is 10 dollars and includes access to their fine art collection of 5,000 objects and a 2.5-acre garden that boasts fountains, pools, sculptures and more.

5. Ginnie Springs.

Ginnie Springs is a privately owned park that has seven crystal clear springs to camp near and swim or scuba dive in. The admission price is $14.02, the diving price is $30 and the camping price is $22.43. If you don't want to spend too much money, the admission price for Ginnie Springs provides access to all seven springs as well as the freedom to roam and explore throughout the park.

6. Central Florida.

For those going back home for spring break near Tampa and Orlando, there are many theme parks, beaches, and museums to spend your week exploring in central Florida.

7. Universal Studios and Disney World.

If you have not yet gone, or want to go again, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World are large exciting theme parks that offer an array of activities and entertainment. A one day ticket to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure costs 169 dollars and a ticket to Disney World starts at 109 dollars for Florida Residents. These popular theme parks are a fun way to spend a day or two watching shows, riding roller coasters, and taking aesthetic pictures during spring break.

8. Rainbow Springs State Park.

Located in Marion County, this 1,472-acre state park offers countless activities to experience if you are an outdoor person. The admission fee is $2 per person and visitors can choose from, canoeing, tubing, snorkeling, and swimming in the clear waters (additional fees may apply per activity).

9. Clearwater Beach.

The 2.5-mile long beach along the Gulf of Mexico was just named America's number one beach and is a destination for beautiful views, clear water, and live entertainment in downtown. Clearwater is the place to visit for a cheap and beautiful beach day or a short vacation filled with activities, food, and sun.

10.  Salvador Dali Museum.

The waterfront museum is located in St. Petersburg and has the largest collection of Dalí's works in America. The admission fee is $24 and currently includes six exhibits, a library, and a gift shop. The museum also offers programs, workshops, and activities for visitors to enjoy along with the displayed works of art.

11. South Florida.

If you are going back home to South Florida and want to keep busy during your spring break at home, there are many places near Miami that you can visit for a fun experience.

12.  Everglades National Park.

If you are into wildlife and the conservation of endangered species, the Everglades National Park is the perfect destination to visit. A seven-day pass for a vehicle is only $25 and there are many stations and recreational activities that could occupy your whole spring break.

13.  South Beach.

Miami's most popular beach is not only a place to sunbathe but provides an experience including restaurants, clubs and recreational activities. The large population of South Beach is full of entertainers that can bring excitement to your spring break.

14.  Lion Country Safari.

This drive-through amusement park takes up 600 acres of land in Palm Beach County and has 1,000 animals that visitors can observe. Not only does the safari park include animal viewings, but also gives you the opportunity to feed animals, ride amusement rides, and dine close to wildlife. Admission to the park ranges from $28-37 and includes all of the entertaining activities and viewings.

15.  Wynwood Walls.

If you don't want to overspend during spring break and are looking to take Instagram worthy photos, Wynwood Walls in Miami is practically a free outdoor art exhibit. Wynwood Walls is made up of huge murals painted by artists from around the world that provides tours and has a restaurant if you want to make a day of your visit.

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