Spring is almost here, and you know that means... SPRANG BREAK! Whether you're going home for the break, or taking a wild trip to Cabo, here are 6 spring break essentials!

1. Sunscreen

You don't want to be that girl who gets fried the first day. Use your sunscreen to save your skin and your dignity!

2. Aloe

For when your sunscreen doesn't hold up!

3. Aloe water

Pro tip: drinking aloe water cools your body down and helps with your sunburn!

4. Camera

If you didn't take a picture, did you even go on spring break? Being an Instagram baddie is hard work, but if you bring a camera and a friend who knows all your angels, you're sure to get some great pics!

5. New bathing suits

Going on spring break can be expensive, but your new swimsuits don't have to be. Zaful and Shein have super cute and trendy swimsuits for affordable prices!

6. Group of your friends

You will make amazing memories if you go on vacation with your best friends. Get tan, take cute pictures, and make memories of a lifetime!