The Psychology Behind Spotify Organization

What Does Your Spotify Organization Say About You?

Patience is hard to find... so are people who still sit through Spotify ads.

1. Premium vs. Free

Free: Plagued by ads, you, my friend, are patient. You're also dependent on others... in this case: wifi.

Premium: You know what you want, and you get it. You're assertive and self-assured.

2. Generic playlist titles vs. Creative playlist titles

Generic titles: You're a busy bee. You don't have time to think of an original title. As long as it tells you what to expect from the songs, you don't really need a fancy title.

Creative titles: You're a passionate person. You could make up generic titles for your playlists, but they mean more to you than throwing a random title on it. You want it to mean something to you.

3. Specific vibes vs. General vibes

Specific vibes: You're an emotional person. You have a lot of feelings, and you want to encapsulate those with songs that get it. Each emotion desires its own playlist.

Generic vibes: Including songs from broad genres or groups of artists, you are a people-pleaser. Your list is broad enough to cater to anyone else who might listen to it, just like most things you do.

4. Playlists vs. Albums

Playlists: You're active. You are always on the move, always needing something new to keep you interested.

Albums: You are loyal. Choosing to listen to one artist for 10+ songs, you are devoted and you stick by them for the full experience.

5. Your playlists vs. Spotify pre-made playlists

Self-made playlists: If you listen to mostly playlists you hand-crafted, you're creative. You take it into your own hands to pull together different songs to make a new entity, not trusting that pre-made albums or playlists will result in the best listening experience.

Spotify-made playlists: You're indecisive. You don't like making decisions and find it easier to let others pick things for you, enjoying whatever happens.

6. Tried and true vs. Discover Weekly

Stable playlists: Sticking with the same few playlists you've always had, you are accountable. People can depend on you to be true to your word and stick to your promises.

New playlists: You're adventurous. Always looking for new experiences, you enjoy Spotify suggesting new songs to try. You might find a new band to fall in love with.

7. Playlists that have 100 songs vs. Playlists that have 10 songs

Long playlists: You're laid back. It doesn't take a lot to please you. If it barely fits into the mood of the playlist, that's good enough for you.

Small playlists: You're confident. You know that what you have on a particular playlist is what is supposed to be on there, and you aren't deterred by its short length. Quality over quantity.

8. Paring down your playlist vs. Continual skipping

No skipping necessary: You're diligent. You want to create a specific playlist, and if that means editing it time after time, the perfect product is worth it.

Skip every other song: You're a "just in case" or "what if" kind of person. You probably won't want that one song on this playlist, but what if you do? You keep it on there for that one time you want it, even if it means skipping it 99 other times.

9. Listening on shuffle vs. Listening straight through

Shuffle: You're bored with life. You need excitement - so much so that even the unpredictability of the next song is enough to excite you.
Straight through: You are narcissistic. You think the order of your playlist is the best, not even considering that another song arrangement could be ~better~ than what you set it to be.
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