What Your Sportswear Says About Your Personality
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What Your Sportswear Says About Your Personality

Which one fits you?

What Your Sportswear Says About Your Personality
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We all love to feel like the great athletes of our time by donning our favorite sports apparel. Whether we play sports ourselves, love to cheer on our favorite teams, or simply walk around in what’s called “Athleisure” what we wear when we do these things means a lot to us, and in turn says a lot about us. Here are a couple of things that I found out about the brands we wear and the people who wear them.

Nike: Everyone knows Nike is the leader of sportswear in America, and continues to raise their already high standards higher than before, every year. Nike apparel tends to be a bit on the expensive side, but what you get for your buck tends to last for years. Nike has a wide range of styles and colors for their shoes and outerwear – and this trait shows in the people who buy then. Nike owners range from all types of people with all types of interests and hobbies, but they all have one thing in common: the will to spend a sizable amount of cash on their footwear.

Puma: Now this is what I call sports apparel! Puma may not be as popular as some of the hotter lines of sportswear, but who cares about popularity when your brand uses some of the best materials in the world to create the highest performing gear? I know I sure wouldn’t. People who wear Puma tend to be chill and hold a quiet confidence, letting you know in their walk that they have more than what most others only brag about.

Adidas: This is an interesting little brand it itself. Adidas is a brand that takes a more simplistic approach to their line of sports apparel, as seen in their basic color and design on their footwear and clothing, yet at the same time is more than able to do the work you need it to accomplish. Like Adidas, people who love this brand tend to be reliable friends and enjoy the more simple things in life. They are also often nature lovers, choosing to take to the mountains on a day long hiking trail before hitting the mall with their friends.

Converse: Talk about original footwear! Converse used to be the only thing that the old school basketball players would put on their feet before the game, and although the shoes aren’t seen much on the sport field today, they continue to make a lasting impact on buyers generations later and have spread their wardrobe to cover clothing and sports accessories. Those who sport the Chuck Taylor’s tend to be smooth yet outgoing, making sure to let the world know that they are every bit as classic as their footwear.

Do you wear any of these sports brands? If so, does your personality match up to your favorite brand? Don’t forget to comment below!

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