Sports Tweets Of The Week
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Sports Tweets Of The Week

What Your Favorite Athletes Are Saying

Sports Tweets Of The Week

With social media on the rise, and the IQ of athletes on the decline, these two things cross paths and great things happen. Whether it's their boneheaded thoughts on controversial topics, or just a simple misspelling of one of the most common words on this planet, athletes' tweets have led to more face-palms than Eli Manning's play last season.

We have compiled a list of the six greatest sports tweets of the week.

6.  Joel-Hans Embiid 

@JoelEmbiid: After basketball, I'm signing with either Real Madrid, Arsenal, LYon, inter Milan, or Bayer Munich..... Just so I can become a pro for a day. September 13, 2014

Joel Embiids career NBA stats, per game, are as follows: 0.0 ppg, 0.0 rpg, 0.0 apg, 0.0 epg. Joel was drafted 3rd overall this past year by the Philadelphia 76ers, and has been sidelined all offseason with a foot injury.  Because of his injury, he is definitely not going to play the first half of this season, if at all. He should probably focus on playing a single NBA game first before talking about becoming a soccer star. Besides, this isn't the last time you're gonna see Embiid on this list.

5. Chad Johnson 

@ochocinco: Floyd fights Amir Khan next, then Pac Man winning both matches & losing his 1 and only fight to me before retiring... September 14, 2014

We are definitely familiar with Ochocinco being a multi sport athlete. In 2011 during the lockout, Chad had a four-day tryout with the Kansas City MLS team. In 2013, after his NFL career faded out, he was offered a spot on the reserve team but turned it down. Floyd recently won his 47th consecutive fight, improving his record to 47-0. We will tell you, and Chad will tell you, that after his fights with Amir Kahn and Pac Man, he will be 49-0. But seriously, Chad, do you actually think you can beat Floyd Money? We know you can't take a hit.

4.  Roddy White. 

Will Brinson @WIllBrinson: Roddy White why?   September 13, 2014

Thanks Will Brinson. This tweet by Roddy is one of the most insensitive tweets we've ever seen. If you didn't know, Adrian Peterson -- nicknamed All Day -- was indicted on child abuse charges this week. Rather than show any consideration for the young child who was beaten, Roddy instead chooses to focus on his fantasy matchup that he may lose this week due to Peterson's legal troubles.  

3. Joel-Hans Embiid and Michael Carter Williams

@JoelEmbiidin time they will see...I don't talk I just bring that action
Michael Carter-Willi @MCW1  September 13, 2014

@MCW1I'm not taking showers with you anymore.......
Joel-Hans Embiid @JoelEmbiidSeptember 13, 2014

@JoelEmbiidyou have serious issues bruh
Michael Carter-Willi @MCW1September 13, 2014

@MCW1: @JoelEmbiidyou have serious issues bruh” BUT IM YOUR TEAMMATE
Joel-Hans Embiid @JoelEmbiidSeptember 13, 2014

As shown before, Joel Embiid is a tweeter like no other. He responds to his new Philadelphia 76ers teammate, Michael Carter-Williams, with an X-rated comment. Embiid is certainly making his presence felt in the locker room, but maybe next time he can do it with something a bit less creepy. Either way, Embiid is a must-follow for all Twitter users.

2. Marcus Vick

Can't believe Adrian Peterson not playing today smh
Marcus Vick @MVFive September 14, 2014

Bulls--t! RT@Luddaddy77: @MVFiveYeah because he should play after being arrested for child abuse. You're a stupid f--k.
Marcus Vick @MVFive September 14, 2014

Y'all really think that man abused his kid? Like seriously?
Marcus Vick @MVFive September 14, 2014

Maybe I need to goggle the story!
Marcus Vick @MVFive September 14, 2014

D--n AP don't play, but that's how our generation was brought up to a certain extent. Stuffing leaves in his mouth was way to crazy
Marcus Vick @MVFive September 14, 2014

Every parent teach lessons differently. I don't hit my daughter bc she's a princess & has never pushed me to that point.
Marcus Vick @MVFive September 14, 2014

I didn't know I could've had mom and pops charged for child abuse growing up lol. 
Marcus Vick @MVFive 
September 14, 2014

What? Clearly Marcus's rough upbringing did not include a strong focus on academics. This string of tweets is horrible on all sorts of levels. Not only was he the only person in America to not know Adrian Peterson's week two status, but rather than figure it out in some sort of logical matter, he took to Twitter to ask his 24,000 followers what had happened. Finally, half an hour later, he realizes he needs to take to Google  to find the answer. After discovering that Peterson was indeed inactive for this week, Vick went on to offer some more intelligent insight. His second to last tweet, shown here, is most definitely his worst. Vick lets the public know that he has never hit his daughter because she "has never pushed me to that point." What? No, Marcus, no! Marcus Vick's daughter... these tweets are a fair warning. Better not push Daddy across that point.

1. Paul George

@Mr1738: For those that missed Paul George tweet” I agree fully w/ what he said though.
Jenn @JennyferDeanne September 11, 2014

Thank you, Jenn! Let's just say this has not been the best summer for Paul George. On August 1, he snapped his leg in half in a Team USA scrimmage and will miss over a year while recovering. Now, just a month later, he has sent out the most ridiculous string of inconsiderate, ignorant tweets in recent Twitter memory. Honestly, Paul, how stupid can you be? Regardless of whether you think Ray Rice was punished correctly or not, publicly stating that it was the fault of his fiancee at the time, Janay Rice, for taking a haymaker to the face is absolutely absurd. Within hours, someone with an IQ over 12 must have convinced him to take the tweets down, but not before the damage was done. It seems as though George has continued to take the painkillers he was prescribed for his injury, because no one with a clear mind could possibly have sent these tweets out.

Message to all athletes on social media

Take out your phone, right now and call a public relations assistant. Ask this person for their rates, and hire them on the spot. Make a setting on your Twitter account that requires this person to approve every tweet that you ever send. A person of average intelligence can spot a tweet that might offend people in approximately 1.5 seconds or less. For some reason, freakish athletes lost this ability at birth and have since been spewing nonsense into the social media world.

We are, officially, offering our services as public relations assistants to any athletes who needs us. To contact us, email Jake Rheingold: or Scott Dubrow:


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