To the sport I played in high school,

I remember the way I used to rush from my last class to the locker room, excited to get to practice. I remember practicing for hours after school, getting home when the sun already set. I remember the weight of my stick in my hand, the countless cone drills we would practice for hours and even 7 am Saturday practices. I remember late nights at away games, and playing in freezing cold weather or pouring rain. I remember sharing so many laughs and memories with my teammates, having the best time in those four years. It's crazy to think how quickly that time went by, and even though it ended a few years ago, I still think about all the fun we had together.

At one point, it was difficult to imagine not having this sport in my life. It was hard to imagine being away from my teammates and not having game days. It was such a big part of my high school career that I never dreamed of not playing this sport. Now, I don't even play this sport, other than for fun. I am not part of a close knit team. I don't have practice every day. I don't have game days, or pasta parties or a uniform. I don't have 7 am Saturday practices, team car washes or endless drills until the sun was setting. What was once such a big part of my life is no longer there.

It's crazy to go from having something be a part of my every day life to barely having it in my life at all. Occasionally I'll see my old teammates or send a text after remembering an especially funny moment, but this sport is not part of my life in the same capacity as it once was, and that's okay. This sport and my team helped shaped who I am, but as I grow older, I need to remember that other things in my life will guide me, too. Yes, that sport was a big part of my life, but it wasn't everything. It was as the time, but as time goes on, what's important to us changes. Although I no longer play this sport, the memories and fun I had when I did play will be with me forever.