Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For College Girls
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13 Last-Minute DIY Costume Ideas For The Girl Who's Spookishly Late At Planning Halloween

Funny, sexy, or silly, there's a Halloween costume for everyone.

13 Last-Minute DIY Costume Ideas For The Girl Who's Spookishly Late At Planning Halloween

Funny, sexy, or silly, there's a Halloween costume idea for everyone. Understandably, most of us out here are hoping to find a great costume without spending an excessive amount of money (or energy). With only a few accessories needed to complete these costume ideas, you'll be guaranteed a costume fit for you and your budget.

1. Pigs In A Blanket

Wear a full pink outfit, throw on or draw on a pig nose, attach a pair of pig ears and a pink tail. Wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket of your choosing and you're officially a pig in a blanket. Staying warm while looking cute and fun has never been easier with this clever costume!

2. Powerpuff Girls

If you have two friends that you'd be able to pull off this group costume with, it'd be a rather easy one to achieve. Using blue, pink, and green pieces of clothing, you can easily create outfits to become Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls. With this '90s television show costume, you'll surely generate a sense of nostalgia for those around you.

3. One Night Stand

Take a trip to your local thrift store or ask around about unneeded household furniture to find your night table. Superglue or drill-in some lamps and bedside accessories into it and you're ready to be a one night stand. With a first look, the costume may seem odd or confusing, so adding the costume title is always an optional bonus.

4. Little Red Riding Hood/ Handmaid's Tale

With a simple red, hooded cloak and an all-black or all-red outfit underneath, you could transform into either Little Red Riding Hood or a handmaid from the Hulu show, "Handmaid's Tale." For Little Red Riding Hood, the all-black outfit could be perfected with a basket and the Handmaid's Tale costume could be completed with the white cap. With a simple red cloak, your costume possibilities multiply.

5. The Purge

A classic, easy-to-achieve costume would be throwing on a white T-shirt or dress, covering it with fake blood, and adding a mask to become a killer from the movie, "The Purge." Add on a fake knife or weapon and your outfit is complete. For an even scarier approach, grab some of your friends to join you for a group attempt at the Purge costume.

6. IT: Pennywise

Wearing an all-white outfit with some frightening clown makeup and a red balloon, you're able to evolve into the terrifying clown, Pennywise, from the movie, "IT." Even if you don't have the skills to achieve the challenging clown makeup, a clown mask is always another option. As long as you have a white outfit with a red balloon, and a spooky look on your face, you'll surely get the costume's point across.

7. Jailed Disney Princesses

Using a group of friends, each of you could dress up as a Disney princess in her mug shot and appear to be arrested, based on a crime that fits your character's story. For example, Jasmine would be arrested for harboring a fugitive, that fugitive being Aladdin. Creating clever reasons for being arrested while dressing up as princesses could be a fun, alternative costume approach with friends.

8. Ouija Board

If you've ever heard of the Ouija board, you've most likely also heard of the frights it brings to those who dare play it. Unlike an ordinary board game, this one supposedly connects you with souls of the dead, in the nearby spirit world. Whether you run the risk of playing the game or not, it can provide you with a great idea for a costume. Just be sure to include all the information correctly. Regardless of the fact, it's hard to deny that this costume isn't quite terrifying at first glance.

9. Friends: Rachel And Ross

For the Rachel-and-Ross costume, one partner needs to wear a waiter/waitress outfit with the 'Central Perk' logo apron. You could create it yourself with an iron-on design of the logo or you could buy it online on Amazon. The other partner needs to wear the "We were on a break" shirt in classic "Friends" font and the optional monkey for an extra accessory. If you aren't ready to challenge your craft skills, the shirt is also available for purchase on Amazon. With this creative outfit, you'll be sure to spark up conversations with any fans of the comedy television show, 'Friends'.

10. Dust Bunny

Dress up as a bunny, add a duster from your house, and you've easily created a funny costume. Unlike a regular bunny costume, this one will get people wondering why they hadn't thought of it yet. Using a simple accessory like the duster, an ordinary costume can evolve into a silly, clever one.

11. Skeleton

With a black skeleton bodysuit or shirt and some skeleton-themed face paint, you can create a spooky costume at ease. Even if you don't excel at facepaint, there's always the option of buying a mask or simply doing a skeleton costume that only consists of the outfit. Either way, you can create a costume full of all-black pieces that you most likely have at home already.

12. Holes

If you've ever seen the movie, "Holes," hopefully, you remember Stanley, played by Shia LaBeouf, and his friends Magnet, Zigzag, and Zero. As they encounter Camp Green Lake together, a juvenile detention camp, they all must wear the same orange jumpsuit and keep their water jugs attached to them as they work in the hot, desert sun. If you're old enough to remember this iconic movie, it's a great costume to wear this Halloween without going out of your way for the necessities. Throw on an orange jumpsuit or pants, slap on some dirt and bring a jug or gallon container of water, or the alternative drink of your choosing.

13. Sun And Moon

Grab a friend and become each other's opposites for the evening in this day-and-night costume. Pull together a gold-themed outfit with gold, shiny spikes as a headpiece for the sun costume. Gather a silver-themed outfit with a silver, half-crescent or full-circle headpiece for the moon costume. For extra flair, try your local craft store for some gold and silver facepaint or glitter to complete the look and shine like the sun during a bright day or the moon during a dark night.

Whatever your plans are this Halloween, hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to expand your costume boundaries. Try something new and you just might surprise yourself. Have a great and happy Halloween!

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