Evil Patrick? Chum Bucket versus Krusty Krab? Shook Mr. Krabs? These names may seem like idiocy to most of you, but purely iconic to an elite few. However, to those who may not know, this is all extremely important, trust me. Drum roll please...I have complied the ultimate, definitive ranking of the best six Spongebob memes. I know, it's a lot to handle, but a lot of thorough science and investigation went into this list. I was tempted many times to include personal bias, but based purely on the facts of science and law I have complied the list of all lists. Enjoy!

6. Woke Squidward.

Just because this meme is number six, does not make it any less influential than the rest of the memes. Woke Squidward is great coping humor for all millennials out there who tend to overthink and stress about everything! Some of the best captions of this meme are, "What if sand is called sand because it's between sea and land?!" and, "When you wake up and realized you overslept and missed class."

5. Diner Spongebob.

Regardless of this meme, this specific episode of Spongebob where they are selling chocolate is one of the best things to happen to comedy. Yet, the context of this meme is also fantastic. Diner Spongebob is used to describe situations that we continue to dwell on or overthink about. One of the funniest captions is, "Waiting for your professor to release your final grade after you know you just failed that exam."

4. Mocking Spongebob.

Ahh, the classic mocking Spongebob meme. This one is so iconic it does not even need an introduction. The best caption, by far, "*failing classes* Me: Can I get some extra credit? Professor: CaN i GeT SoME ExtRa cREdIT??" i LoVE mEmES!

3. Confused Mr. Krabs.

I heavily debated naming this shook Mr. Krabs or confused Mr. Krabs. Are the kids still using the word "shook" nowadays? Anyway, this meme is truly iconic. Mr. Krabs, in this confused state, circled the internet for many months and included a wide variety of captions. My favorite caption for this meme is, "When your mom leaves you in the line to go get eggs, and the cashier yells 'Next'," truly iconic Krabs.

2. Evil Patrick.

Evil Patrick rises once again! This meme is for all of my mischievous people out there. Gaining its fame on the Twitter-sphere, this meme recently went viral. My favorite captions of Evil Patrick include, "Me kicking ice under the fridge," and, "Me using up all of the hot water in the shower."

1. Squidward sleeping.

And the best of the best! This is one of the most iconic memes of our generation. Many captions have been used to describe this utter feeling of worry and dismay right before we sleep. My favorite captions include, "Thinking about something embarrassing you did as a child," or, "My homework due the next day versus my will to sleep."

And there you have it folks: some more useless internet information! I hope you really enjoyed wasting your time here today! See you next week!