10 Spot-On SpongeBob GIFs That Sum Up Your Procrastination

Procrastination happens to the best of us because sometimes you just can't bring yourself to focus on all of the tasks on your to-do list! Now that syllabus week is long behind you, those due dates that you marked on your calendar are fast approaching. A month ago, it didn't hit you that you had tons of major assignments for every class all due within the same two-week span. Forced to get back into the grind, you inevitably fall into the trap of ignoring your canvas reminders.

When due dates sneak up on you, you're left with nearly no time to finish your work and hit the submit button before the deadline passes. If there's anyone who can perfectly capture what this feels like, it's everyone's favorite childhood cartoon. Scroll down for SpongeBob GIFs that are WAY too relatable in this scenario.

1. Feeling accomplished after writing the MLA heading on your paper

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After 20 minutes of working on your paper while simultaneously checking social media, you look at your computer screen only to realize that you have only written 10 words...

2. Waking up 20 minutes before your assignment is due at 11:59 pm


After a nice long nap, you wake up and look at the notifications on your phone. If only your reminder about that assignment being due were just a part of a dream!

3. When you've already waited until the last possible minute and can't procrastinate anymore


You've officially passed that moment in time for when it is still possible to procrastinate. If you put it off any longer, it's definitely going to be late.

4. Trying to multitask everything that you put off 


Every time you got an assignment, you ignored the due date. Who would've thought that all five professors would pick the same deadline for their work?

5. Realizing that the assignment was due before class


The dread that fills the pit of your stomach when the person who sits next to asks what you wrote for the homework, only to realize that you never did it...

6. Hyperventilating as you question how you will finish all your work on time


It's a few hours before your assignments are due, and now it's time to sprint through them before they get marked late. How will you get them all done? Only SpongeBob knows...

7. Searching for the motivation to start your work in you third cup of coffee


Telling yourself that if you get a coffee you will start your work, but you already tried that twice today.

8. Attempting to write the paper that's due but only one word can come to your mind...


You've written variations of the same sentence about 15 times, and now you just can't do it anymore.

9. Trying to look for the motivation to start your assignments on time


If motivation were a color, then you would be color blind because you literally just can't see it.

10. Checking canvas for assignments after not looking at it for the whole weekend


If everything doesn't hit you all at once is it even college??

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