12 Times SpongeBob Effectively Explains Periods

12 Times SpongeBob Effectively Explains Periods

SpongeBob is the king of laughter (and driving) but is he the king of explaining periods?


SpongeBob just makes everything funnier, and that is a FACT. I am sure you can laugh at the fact that the following points all describe periods in a hilarious fashion!

1. Ughhh. Do I really have to go to class?

2. I want CHOCOLATE.

3. I dropped the bag of chips again. Gosh, I am so weak right now.

4. I have watched Netflix all day. I am so lonely. 

5. I need affection and cuddles!

6. My last two brain cells are running around like...

7. My uterus is literally stabbing me with a knife.

8. My whole body aches and it is HIGHLY pissing me off.

9. Gosh I am so insecure and bloated. 

10. If I cry one more time over something petty I will lose it.

11. Why am I arguing with everyone and myself?

12. Why do I look exactly like this? 

Spongebob is the man (or should I say sponge) who can accurately explain exactly what periods are like without experiencing it himself. Round of Applause for Spongebob who tried to make periods seem less painful (periods still suck and are the absolute worst though).

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