I had a quite unfortunate experience the other day. As I was minding my own business in the back of a particular establishment, I begin to overhear the conversation of a pair of people in close proximity to me. The topic of conversation? "Game of Thrones," the TV series. I do not watch the series; I am, however, reading the books. The TV show has surpassed the books at this point, so when I realized what they were talking about, I immediately freaked out. They were talking about the latest episode too, which meant I was about to hear more than a few significant spoilers.

I then did what any reasonable person would do in that situation—I covered my ears and ran away. This is something I find myself doing more frequently these days because the series has gotten very popular over the last several months. Since this is a new fad, of course everyone has to talk about it. Even when people know I am behind as a result of reading the series, they still like to hype up certain characters or past events so that I know they become more important in the future (my coworkers). Others who do not spoil often question why I will not just watch the first season because that followed books I have already finished (my sisters). I have a little more patience than that, though, and I am way too deep into these books to be sidetracked by a TV show.

What I am asking of everyone who watches, not only "Game of Thrones," but any show popular show is that they, well, not talk about it. This happened before when I watched "Grey's Anatomy" as well. A huge plot twist was revealed to me and I was less than OK with it. While I know avid fans get over excited about things and want to share, I am personally going to need them to not.

Spoilers are never fun, especially when you have committed a decent portion of your life to a storyline. Also, I completely realize that this is far too dramatic for the content at hand, but it has become a serious problem for me over these past few months. I am beginning to look far more insane than I actually am at work, in stores, etc. I know I have been guilty in the past of spoiling an episode or movie for someone, but every time this as occurred it has been an accident. I understand accidents. I would just rather them not happen when discussing "Game of Thrones," which is a topic of conversation I already avoid.

So, how about this weather?