Alright, if those of you that are reading this article are expecting me to do a review of the latest 'Marvel' movie 'Avengers: Endgame' without any spoilers, please click out of this article at this point.

But if you have seen the movie and are emotionally scarred as I am, welcome. I am still emotionally scarred and I saw the moving opening night on Friday by myself.

So now that we have established that this article will not be a spoiler-free article and basically just me ranting, here is your final warning to leave now.

Did you leave if you haven't seen it?

Did you survive Thanos' snap but are just chilling around and haven't seen the movie yet? Please leave now I don't want to hurt you.

Okay, now let's get on with the review.

First, and I will say this as I will curse a lot, holy shit. That's all I can typically say if anyone wants my non-spoiler thoughts about it. Also, I cried. Okay now for spoilers.

At the beginning with the whole recap, I understood why that happened because it's been over a year since the snap and no one knows what happened. The five years later I thought was okay, but when Scott was pulled out of the quantum realm and coming up with the idea to time travel to get the infinity stones and reverse the snap, that was crazy.

Steve, Nat, and Scott trying to get Tony to help them out with the time machine and then the audience sees he married Pepper and they have a daughter, my heart exploded.

Okay, let's get into the nitty-gritty because this article is going to be me ranting all over the place while I'm trying to make a deadline.

So Nat deserved better. I get why she sacrificed herself instead of Clint sacrificing himself to retrieve the soul stone, but IT DIDN'T NEED TO HAPPEN!!

Tony talking to his dad around the time his mom was pregnant with him and Tony giving Howard advice about how to be a better father to him, I almost choked up.

If I had to say a quote that had me laughing my ass off, it would be "that is America's ass" because wow, Scott is right. That is America's ass.

Okay, that battle with Thanos from 2014 and his army versus all of the Avengers including the ones that were brought back after they became dust after the first snap. My jaw dropped.

When Captain America was able to pick up Thor's shield, you could hear an entire gasp throughout the theatre.

When Tony looked at Doctor Strange before his big stealing all of the infinity stones off of Thanos's infinity gauntlet and snapping his finger and Strange held up one finger, the chills.

Oh, boy. Here we go. Tony's death.

I was a sobbing mess. Literally, I was sobbing throughout the whole end of the movie.

Steve staying in the 1940s and growing old and not freezing in the ice and passing the shield on to Falcon. Still crying.

I LOVE YOU 3000!!! Ugh. (I saw a video on Twitter today and it was BTS in an interview and Kim Seokjin said "I love you 3000" because he saw the movie and you bet your ass I wanted to cry on spot.)

I think that's enough ranting before I cry a river again.

What would I rate this? 100/10.