We all know those people. The people who enjoy spoiling TV shows for other people. One of my good friends in high school spoiled a bunch of TV shows during her senior speech, so I know you all have friends like her.

These are the people that get on my nerves the most. They just enjoy making people angry. I am excited to find out what happens in the TV shows I'm watching, particularly "The Bachelor." "The Bachelor" is a TV show that's easy to get addicted to. You watch a guy meet and date several different people, and you start to pick your favorite girls. Among my friends, it almost becomes a competition. We start making bets on who's going home and who we want to win at the end. "The Bachelor" is a show full of surprises. People send themselves home, Colton Underwood jumps over fences like it's nothing, and girls get in fights over nothing.

I will never know why this stupid dramatic TV show is so interesting and addictive. It's a weird concept, after all, a man dates all these different girls, which we would usually consider to be cheating, but in this case, society thinks it's totally acceptable. However, I don't want my show to be ruined for me. Don't text me about it, post an outlandish number of tweets about it, or tell me who wins when I've very blatantly asked you not to. I want to watch the show at my own pace. I want the joy and excitement of finding out what happens when I watch it for the first time. I don't want to expect what happens, I want the joy of the surprise.

So if you're the person that enjoys spoiling "The Bachelor" for people, please find something better to do, because I want to enjoy my shows on my own time. Why don't you go enjoy them, too.