Why Marvel's Spider-man Is Definitely Game Of The Year

Games and comic books, everyone loves them. Whether it'd be depressingly and tragically playing Fortnite, to reading Batman or Avengers comics. But do you know what's better than that? Playing games based on your favorite superhero! And that's what Insomniac Games has magically done! Taking on your favorite web-slinging friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! The game just released on September 7th and I'd already had the privilege to fully complete the game's story and work on the side missions for now but man, DO I LOVE THIS GAME. This game is a high contender for this year's Game of the Year competing against "Detroit Become Human," and "God of War" — probably even topping it! Here's my take on the game.


It Has A Rich Story

There comes a time in everyone's nerdy comic book loving life where a good story is formed. Insomniac Games has a history of great games with amazing stories, for example, "Ratchet & Clank." However, this game is out of the ordinary, this IS A GAME, A GENUINE FREAKIN' GAME. "Spider-Man" is an absolute masterpiece. From its origin stories between certain characters and villains to the plot twists and surprise reveals! The best part is how all of it comes together and unfolds itself in a beautifully written story.

It's Multiple Playable Characters

The inclusion of multiple playable characters is a great spin for "Spider-Man," getting to play characters other than just the web-swinger is a great change of pace. Going from Mary Jane to playing as Miles Morales, in their stealth slow steady missions to playing as Spider-Man's main persona Peter Parker in his help with working his research to helping his Aunt May in FEAST. The game really knows how to tie in these three characters and build a creative and progressive narrative piece.

Beautifully Opened World

Ah yes, the open world setting. This is Spider-Man's biggest perks and an honest to God masterpiece to the game. New York has never looked so beautiful! From seeing Madison Square Garden, seeing the famous red stairs of Times Square, to exploring Manhattan and Hell's Kitchen! Insomniac has done a magnificent job at capturing New York to even making it a Marvel Universe version of New York.

Incredible Web-swinging Mechanics

This is what makes Spider-Man, Spider-Man! The web swinging is one of the best aspects of the game and is honestly the game's biggest perk. The web swinging so great I find myself ignoring the story and side missions just to continue with traveling around New York. Being able to perform aerial tricks and be able to move quickly and freely feels like a breath of fresh air and it makes you genuinely feel like Spider-Man. And to be controversial here, the web swinging in this game absolutely tops the royal crown against Activision's "Spider-Man 2" hands down. Sorry, it had to be said.

Spider Gadgets!

If you're a superhero nerd like me, then you know heroes have all types of arsenal's hidden under their suits and masks. Spider-Man is one of those heroes. Now, guys, I get it, we've all played the Batman Arkham games but this is no Arkham. With fun and exciting gadgets like trip mines that allow you to instantly web a criminal to the floor, wall or other criminals, to using electric webs to shock enemies — New York's criminals become your own personal punching bag. And it's honestly fun, rivaling close to that of the Arkham games — possibly even making it much more fun and accessible than the Arkham games.

Always Occupied

THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO DO. This even through the 20-plus hours of story in this game, there is always something to keep you occupied. Whether you're a story first, side mission later kinda person, or a half and half kinda person, there is always tons of replay value! From stopping random muggings and police chases to taking pictures of every landmark to doing random challenges and side missions. This game reels you in can keeps you from ever leaving your screen.

Great Villains

Now don't even get me started on this, but oh my God are there so many villains in this game! Tackling enemies like Kingpin, Electro, Shocker, Rhino, to Spider-Man's newest unknown enemy Mr. Negative. To battling the Sinister Six to even the game's secret big bad villain (shhh it's a story secret). The game utilizes its villains and story quite well, and even makes it a big challenge when you tackle two of them at once!

Easter Eggs/ Spider Suits!

Now now, this can't be a superhero game without Easter Eggs! This game is jampacked with them, like backpacks spread all across New York. To seeing Avengers Towers, the Wakanda Embassy, to Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum to the number of different suits you could wear based on a Spider-Man from the big moments in the comics and movies like Tom Holland's Spider-Man: Homecoming and Infinity War suit, Spider-Noir, Scarlet Spider and many more!


Combat Can Get Repetitive

Besides all of the bonuses and great aspects this game has, this is one light issue that's not so much a big deal. Fighting at times feels a bit repetitive, and could be if not applied to the gadgets and combos players can try to make. Overall it could be a button smasher or a spam. This, however, doesn't take away the beauty of this game and makes the issue almost irrelevant.

Overall, out of all the beautiful moments, this game has to offer it is hands down a genuine game. As you actually feel like you're Spider-Man. Going from web to web and fighting off all the thugs New York has to offer. I give this game a solid 10 out of 10. This game has to be 2018's Game of the Year. So go get this game! Like right now, go play it! Enjoy yourself, I know I am.

Now here are some of the spoiler review topics I'll love to discuss, so...




We're all good now right? OK here, are some of the biggest highlights in the game I really have to talk about or mention because geez... THIS GAME IS SO GOOD!


Towards the end of the game, Insomniac has done the unthinkable and killed off Peter's last remaining relative. Like literally, what the hell?? It's bad enough Peter doesn't have parents and he's been grieving Uncle Ben's death for 8 years, and now you wanna kill off Aunt May? That's terrible! However, that moment when Peter finds out Aunt May knew about him being Spider-Man all this time... That made me cry, to see him at least know that she knew was definitely a tearjerker.


In the game, we find out that Harry has been sick with deadly disease all along and was never really sent to Europe to "study." During the after credits scene, we got to see that Harry never left New York period!! We also got a glimpse of the infamous symbiote attached to Harry, will this mean Harry will become Venom? Even during the game we got to see that Norman was secretly building pumpkin bombs, Green Goblin's main weapon! Will we get to see a Green Goblin or a Venom if a sequel occurs?! I SURE HOPE SO.


OK, OK, that ending scene with Miles and Peter was honestly super amazing! I couldn't stop smiling at how funny and charismatic it was. To having Miles demonstrate his spider abilities by hanging upside down from the ceiling asking "It's pretty weird right?" and having Peter reveal that he's Spider-Man by smiling and hanging upside down from the ceiling as well stating "Not that weird." THIS MADE MY DAY. And honestly gave me the confirmation I needed that this game is amazing, also finishing up its empty plot hole people questioned and speculated before the end of the game.

4. Will there be a sequel?

With the way the game's endings suggested, there should be a sequel! Come on Insomniac, please continue this series! This was an amazing game and I hope everyone gets the chance to play it. Because this game is honestly 2018's Game of the Year. And it would be amazing to see more entries down the line with Insomniac.

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