10 Ways To Spice Up Spring Break If You're Staying Home

10 Ways To Spice Up Spring Break If You're Staying Home

Have an awesome spring break!! :)


Midterms are coming to an end and the much anticipated spring break season has finally arrived. It's the time of year where our Instagram feeds will be full of beach pictures and people relaxing on a beach somewhere. Unfortunately, these trips involve money and lots of planning time. With such hectic schedules it can sometimes be impossible to plan a trip somewhere. So, if you're planning on chilling at home during your break there is plenty to do! If you're afraid you'll be bored on your week off or experience FOMO from scrolling through your feed, check out the list below for some spring break inspiration!

1. Amusement Park!

2. Catch up on new movies

3. Check out a local museum

4. Go to a new restaurant

5. Spend time with family

6. Take advantage of volunteer opportunities

7. Job shadow/intern

8. Mini golf

9. Arcade/game night

10. Relax and enjoy your break!!

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7 Spring Break Trips Every College Kid Needs

What adventures will you have? What memories will you make?
Irene Yi
Irene Yi

Even with the lovely, warm weather that hit us this weekend, we still don't seem to realize that spring is sneaking up on us quicker than we think.

This brings us to the question of Spring Break--and where to go. What adventures will you have? What memories will you make? Here are seven solid ideas to get your gears grinding.

1. Rockin' Road Trip

If you're a sucker for jamming to music and seeing changing landscapes with your best friend, (or whoever is going on this road trip with you) then this is the plan for you. There's nothing like spontaneous adventures that can literally take you anywhere; you simply follow your own path. (or highway) You can map out a loop to take, or just play it by ear. Anything works.

2. West Coast is the Best Coast

Take it from me: there is so much to see on the west coast. Major cities include San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, and more. The weather is superb, and the views are breathtaking. Just in San Francisco alone, you can see the Bay Area, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, and countless other iconic attractions.

3. College Campus Tours

If you're the Type A person who likes to get things done, utilizing Spring Break to look at colleges is a perfect idea. Whether you're looking local or flying farther, this is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and get an idea of where you might want to go for college. To look at campus life in action is to efficiently weigh pros and cons of potential choices.

4. Venturing With Volunteers

There are so many volunteering opportunities and trips out there; pick one you like--for a purpose you believe in and want to support, and just go. Whether you are building homes, helping at a local animal shelter, or cleaning up litter along the highway, you are giving your time up to help others. I promise you--this will be one of the best feelings in your life.

5. Foreign Friends

If you have the means to, travel out of the country! Every country has such a rich and unique culture that going anywhere could mean worlds of people and history. You will not be disappointed with all the choices you have to choose from. And not to mention--authentic ethnic food is the best!

6. One With the Wilderness

Mother Nature is calling your name! Take a hike, camping trip, or just sit outside and enjoy nature. Listen to the sounds of birds and critters, consider the wildflowers, and admire the green. Your body will jump with joy at the fresh air, and nothing helps relieve stress than being in nature.

7. Kick Back and Relax--Staycation

Even if you aren't traveling anywhere, you can still have the time of your life! Sleep in, wear pajamas all day, and whip up some home cooked meals. Try a new recipe, paint some flower pots, or be a home body. The coziness of your own home is enough to make a splendid Spring Break.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube
Irene Yi
Irene Yi

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10 Things Every UK Student Understands Post-Spring Break

Spring break, we all miss you. Seriously.


A yearly occurrence, spring break is a week of relaxation, fun, and a time to get away, physically and mentally, from school work, obligations, exams, a never-ending to-do list, and general stress. However, as much fun as the annual break is, the week after when we're all back on campus is a huge reality check. Here are 10 things that every student at the University of Kentucky can relate to post-spring break.

1. It’s nearly impossible to focus on anything


Spring break is a blessing and a curse for this exact reason. During the break, you feel completely free, but after you get back to Lexington, your ability to focus is gone, still thinking about days when the only thing you needed to remember was if you put sunscreen on or not.

2. If you were in a warmer place over break, the chillier weather of Lexington is miserable

Coming back on campus, while it may be 50 degrees, is far from the 80 your body is used to. Layers and constant shivering is the result.

3. Waking up for 8 AMs got even worse, if that is even possible


No, it wasn't easy to wake up at the crack of dawn and then walk halfway across campus nearly every weekday BEFORE spring break. Now? That's a joke.

4. If you were at the beach, you are peeling EVERYWHERE from the sunburns you got on your first day


Peeling off bits of dead skin in public is a really fun time!

5. You are wide awake at 2 AM for no reason other than for the fact that you are used to being up all night over break

phone in bed

Setting alarms isn't really a thing when you're waking up at the beach every day, in a comfy bed somewhere, or in your own home. We did NOT miss, you Apple ringtone.

6. A 50 minute class that used to fly by (as of 2 weeks ago) feels like an eternity 

lecture hall

And classes over an hour? Forget about it.

7. Being back on an actual schedule

uky campus

On spring break, whether you're at home or on vacation, you usually plan your own days and have little to no academic obligations. Coming back to Lexington the week after the break is a slap in the face. It's like we all forgot that we usually have way more work than we know what to do with, and those Canvas notifications are fully bringing us back to reality.

8. Nope, we didn’t miss walking up the stairs to the third floor of Whitehall Classroom Building one bit

whitehall building

Even if you worked out over spring break, those stairs get you. Every. Single. Time.

9. Going from restaurant food, seafood, or whatever you have in your fridge and pantry at home to having to go buy groceries and eat at the 90 or champs

the 90 caffeteria

Definitely a rough adjustment, no doubt.

10.  Having to get ready for class

snow boarding

Whether you spent your spring break in sweatpants, a swimsuit, or ski gear, having to get dressed for class every day once you are back isn't the most fun thing in the world.

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