10 Ways To Spice Up Spring Break If You're Staying Home

Midterms are coming to an end and the much anticipated spring break season has finally arrived. It's the time of year where our Instagram feeds will be full of beach pictures and people relaxing on a beach somewhere. Unfortunately, these trips involve money and lots of planning time. With such hectic schedules it can sometimes be impossible to plan a trip somewhere. So, if you're planning on chilling at home during your break there is plenty to do! If you're afraid you'll be bored on your week off or experience FOMO from scrolling through your feed, check out the list below for some spring break inspiration!

1. Amusement Park!

2. Catch up on new movies

3. Check out a local museum

4. Go to a new restaurant

5. Spend time with family

6. Take advantage of volunteer opportunities

7. Job shadow/intern

8. Mini golf

9. Arcade/game night

10. Relax and enjoy your break!!

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