Spending Thanksgiving On Campus Instead Of Going Home

Not everybody is a fan of being home for the holidays. Especially holidays like Thanksgiving, where interaction with family members is a must. So many students would just rather hibernate in their dorms until the Monday after break. Which may seem like a bad thing, but in reality, can actually be a good thing to do. There are actually many things you could do while being on campus when campus isn't so full of students.

There are many things that a student can do while being on campus when everyone's home for Thanksgiving. For one, the bathroom situation won't be such a headache as it may usually be. Many can either have the bathrooms to their selves or won't have to wait for others to shower. They can do things on their time and their manner.

They can walk around campus without having to worry what others might say or look at them. If they want to walk around with pajamas, then they can walk around in pajamas. If they don't feel like showering, then they don't have to shower. They can just get up and go around the way they woke up. Another thing is they can blast their music and sing as loud as they want. People won't have to worry about RAs or people complaining. It's like they're in the comfort of their own home.

Aside from all that, however, a major benefit is catching up on work or readings. A major thing college students tend to do, especially mid-way through the semester is getting lazy. They brush off work or speed through it. Which is ad because then it starts ganging up on them when it comes time to finals.

That's when students start to cram and try to do all their readings in one week or even the night before. Having this time alone can benefit a student because they'll get a lot done. They'll be able to concentrate more and actually grasp what they're doing. As well as, do work that they'll most likely leave for the night before their morning class. Although time with family is a great thing, sometimes time alone can be a major stress relief.

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