While most people enjoy some alone time occasionally, there's something to be said for spending time with friends.

For the past several months, I've been seeing my friends more often. There wasn't a motivating factor other than convenience. As an introvert, I think I've forgotten that time with the right people is so much fun.

I've moved back to my hometown, and one of my best friends from high school still lives here. Neither of us have boyfriends, kids, or our own households to run, so it's been easy to get together once or twice a month.

Even though it's been years since we saw each other every day, it feels like nothing has changed. We still have so much to talk about and laugh all the time. This summer, we started reading a Christian life book together, and talking about the book, our lives, and our struggles has only made the bond stronger.

I also went camping with some friends this summer, and a weekend together didn't feel like enough time. We all had so much fun cooking together, walking around the campground, and figuring out how to live in a tent.

Last month, I met up with one of my friends from college. Since our friendship is new, it was the first time we had spent time together one-on-one. We met at a cute coffee shop and talked about everything from college life to life philosophies. It was refreshing to hear that someone else has had a lot of the same thoughts I've had.

Every time I come home from getting together with a friend, my heart feels so full. It's a great feeling to have caring people in your life who you can laugh with, but also talk about your problems with. And of course, your friends can tell you about their problems too.

Friendships can be an escape from life. It's a few hours that you can forget about whatever is going on in your life, if it's a stressful time, and just have fun. They also enrich it by reminding you that you have some awesome people in your life who will always be in your corner.

If you haven't done so recently, spend some time with your friends. It will be good for them – and for you.