Why I chose speech language pathology

Why I Chose To Study Speech-Language Pathology

The reasons behind it all.


I always knew that I wanted a profession where I would be communicating with people and helping people grow or achieve goals to some extent. I also always knew I wanted to work with kids at least partially. A journey of trying out different things and narrowing my passions has brought me to the goal of being a speech-language pathologist, something I am now extremely passionate about and am excited to share about.

When I was a senior in high school, I assisted a kindergarten class every day for an hour. I loved spending time with the kids. Through this experience, I thought that I might want to be a teacher because I enjoyed it so much every day. However, I noticed an inclination that I had when working with the kids. Something in me wanted to spend one-on-one time with them and really help them understand and progress in things they were working on. For example, some of the kids were learning to spell their names, and there was one little boy who was a little bit behind and could not get his letters right.

The teacher worked with him as much as she could but there were ten kids in the class so her attention and time were very divided. I wanted so badly to sit with this boy and help him and give him the time and attention that he needed to progress in this way. Throughout this experience, I eventually learned that I wanted to work one-on-one with kids rather than being a teacher and give them a special time to progress in any things that they were behind it. I loved the idea of giving a kid a chance when people might put him down or overlook him, causing the learning delay to get even worse.

That experience in the kindergarten class helped narrow my passion from teaching kids to working individually with kids in some way. So I began to look into professions like physical therapy, occupational therapy, and finally found speech-language pathology. A speech-language pathologist is a professional who works with people who have speech and language disorders, which is a huge range of specifics. From communication disorders to lisps, to stroke victims, to special needs, speech and language disorders involve a big range of conditions and people.

I loved that fact that I would be able to work with different specifics but still in the same realm. I quickly fell in love with the idea the more I researched it. I realized how critical speech and language is and how many things it affects throughout one's life. How if I was able to help a child progress in this, I could potentially help them in so many areas such as social skills, school, work field, college acceptance, relationships and marriage, so many things. Speech leads to so many things in our life and it is so crucial.

After finding this field and growing a passion for it so quickly, I switched my major to communication sciences and disorders and have been in this major ever since. To work requires a master and I would personally love to eventually get a Ph.D. The concepts involved in studying it are so complicated and so diverse, but I hold tightly to the hope and goal of changing lives one day one voice at a time. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have found a profession I am passionate about and I encourage you that if you haven't yet, keep searching until you do the same.

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15 Things I Learned From Working At A Nursing Home

Life is to short to complain.

Working in a nursing home my senior year of high school was the best thing a young woman could do. My job was sitting in the office at night and on weekends, answering the phone, answering questions, filing papers, giving tours to interested family members, giving mail to the residents, and making copies. Yes, at times it was hectic and other times it was boring sitting in the office but it was so worth it. Just being in a nursing home can teach you so much.

1. You learn how to multitask.

Whether you're making copies and the phone rings or your filing papers and a resident is talking to you, you have to learn how to multitask.

2. You learn to keep a smile on your face even if you had a terrible day at school.

Even if you had a terrible day at school or home, you still need to have a smile on your face working with the elderly. The residents are always trying to tell you something or have you do something, so keep smiling through the pain and after you can cry or be mad.

3. You learn to become friends with the residents.

Either giving the residents mail or walking past them they will always tell you something. Being friendly and listening to their story or just pushing their wheelchair to where they need to go is something they love. Say "hi" to the residents you walk past, ask them how their day is going, maybe it will make their day. They get lonely sometimes.

4. You learn a lot about the residents' lives.

Talking to the residents, you learn so much. A lot of residents love talking about their past, like how they grew up and where they grew up. Listening to what the residents have to say can teach you so much.

5. You learn that flowers or even a card mean so much.

Sometimes the residents get very lonely if their family or a friend doesn't come visit them regularly. Even if they get a card or flowers, it can make their day.

6. You learn celebrating a 100th birthday can mean so much to a family.

Celebrating a birthday is a big deal in nursing homes especially if it's a 100th birthday. Being alive for that many years is amazing which calls for the family to come and bring balloons to celebrate with everyone!

7. You learn that going to work is always going to be interesting and different than any other day.

Every day you walk in the building, there is always something new going on. No day is like any other even if you have the same amount of filing or extra phone calls. It might be someones birthday, or a residents extended family comes to visit and there is a lot of extra noise.

8. You learn when you need to walk away from a resident that's upset with you.

Whether you walked in a residents room to give them a letter or you walked the wrong way, you will always make a resident mad. You learn to leave the card on their bedside table and leave or keep walking when you are apparently in their way. Don't take any other mean things a resident says to you to heart, sometimes they are not always 100% there.

9. You learn to get used to the nursing home smell.

We all know when you walk into a nursing home there is a distinct smell. All I have to say is old people all smell the same. You get used to it once you've been at work for 4 hours.

10. You learn how to perfectly open an envelope for someone.

If your passing mail out to the residents, at least one resident will ask you to open their letter, you better open it right or they will be mad.

11. You lean that you can have a terrible day and then the next day will be 100% better.

Being with the residents a lot each week, you know that having a terrible day doesn't mean the next day will be as terrible too. A resident might have had a bad day with their health but the next day they will be on the track to getting better. You never know what tomorrow holds in a nursing home.

12. You learn how a sad place can be fun at times.

Some people think of a nursing home as a sad place but working there can be fun at times. Whether a resident comes to your office and gives you something they made or a resident said something very funny that you have to tell the nurses so you can all laugh together.

There is always something fun throughout the day that happens even if its something little like watching the old women get their nails painted.

13. You learn how to enjoy the little things in life.

Hearing story after story from the residents, you realize that you should enjoy the little things. Sometimes I hear the residents get excited because there is chocolate pudding for dessert. You just have to enjoy life even if it might be hard.

14. You learn that your life is short.

Life is very short. It might not seem like it now but being with the residents 20 hours a week makes you realize that you should talk to that guy you think is cute. You never know what will happen tomorrow.

15. You learn that the people you see every day in the nursing home can mean so much to you even if you didn't think they would.

Working in a nursing home for 20 weeks causes you to make friends with the residents and learn from them. When I had to leave for college, I soon realized that a lot of those residents I saw all the time were going to be missed while I was away even though I didn't know them before I started working there. The biggest lesson I learned was that you never know how much someone means to you until they leave.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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Humans Of Orlando: Home Decor Master Ashlee Rosemeyer

An interview with a home decor businesswoman


There wouldn't be enough adjectives to describe Ashlee Rosemeyer but inventive is just a start. I first met Ashlee through work and got to experience her ambitious work ethic, generous personality and care through her passions. She mentioned she had a passion of starting a home decor business and then in weeks this passion became a reality. This businesswoman and friend sits down with me to discuss her creativity, advice on owning your own business, and her future plans.

AshsToAshs Mission Statement: Mosaic pots for people who love plants. Handcrafted and made-to-order using unique, colorful glass to bring light into daily life. Let love grow with a free packet of seeds accompanied with each pot.

Q: About Me: (Age, Hometown, If you're in school or major or whatever hobbies, aspirations)

I'm 22 years old. I was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I graduated from UCF in 2018 with a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. My hobbies include crafting, specifically things that involve ceramics and mosaics. I love putting a unique twist on everyday objects. I aspire to continue to challenge myself and grow both personally and professionally.

Q: What profession are you in and whats your dream profession?

I currently have worked as a retail manager for the past four years. I do love expressing myself through style. However, my dream profession would be something related to my criminal justice degree.

Q: What got you passionate to become a business owner and create home decor?

I have a home of my own and absolutely fell in love with decorating it. The more I added in details, the more I thought of how cool it would be if I could add those special details into someone else's home and bring them that same joy.

I look up to Dazey LA. She's a female entrepreneur who specializes in ethically made products. I love how her brand is so personal to her and its bright, real and uplifting. Her clothing makes you feel empowered.

Q: What's the importance of creating a good environment for your home and does art help with that?

I believe that a good environment is vital in encoring a good mood and providing you with a space to grow. Art helps bring inspiration to everyday life. It inspires me to be my most creative self.

Q: What are your goals in 2019?

The main goal of 2019 is to grow AshsToAshs.

Q: What can you say to someone that wants to start their own business?

Just go for it.

Q: How has the social media platform change the way you're able to produce and be creative and reach people?

It helps you reach people that you wouldn't normally get to reach. It helps reinforce your brand and spread your message.

You can discover more of her beautiful handmade pots on her Instagram @_ashstoash_

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