Snapchat is what most millennial's use to define relationships with their friends. Snapchat has really taken over the world and has made a way to communicate with people in a fun way. You can send your friend a picture of yourself with the weird filter or the basic dog filter. But, one of the more unique features is the "Snap Streaks" we all know what they are.

You may have these streaks with people that you love deeply or maybe you have a few with people that you haven't said a word to other than a random snap saying "streaks." Who are the people that you snap and build these streaks with? I'll share mine there are some of them that I really care about and a couple I don't know why I have it going. I won't name anyone, you probably know who you are by the number, I mean just check snap in case you forgot.

1. 996 days

Yes, I do have a streak lasting 996 days, be amazed. But, the person I have this streak with him and I go way back. Truly, this guy is one those "ride or die" type friends. We have been best friends since 2nd grade, man that is longer than any streak can handle. We have been through a lot together and he is one of the only friends I can trust saying anything to and not feel judged. This streak has lasted trips to Canada, Hawaii, and even across the pond to Europe. But, this is not just a streak to me. I love this guy and he is my best friend, so cheers to our 983 day streak and our powerful friendship.

2. 602 days

Another really great friend right here. Him and I have gone to the same school since grade school. It has really flown by and I have watched him grow into a great guy and a great friend. I never thought I would ever talk to this guy, but he has stuck with me somehow. We hangout a lot at college and relish those times that we spend together. Playing madden, talking about girls, showing each other memes, and seeing some movies every now and then. Our streak is mainly us just saying how much we want to jump off bridge because of classes, but I love it. Hey man, stop leaving me on read sometimes though(i kid, I kid).

3. 380 days

My goodness where do I start with this person. She is one of the craziest friends that I have ever had not even kidding. I mean that in good taste of course. This is one of those long distance friendships that is really meaningful when we do snap it is great, sense I rarely see her anymore. Our friendship goes back to high school and honestly this is another one I'm surprised has lasted so long. Her and I argue a lot, but it is all in good fun. She's a great friend that I wish never took off for Florida, but she's living her best life right now. One of the strongest girls I have ever had the pleasure of calling a friend. Stay strong and come home soon, if you ever read this.

4. 159 days

Going back to the first person mentioned, this one is another one of those "ride or die" ones. We have been just as far back and we really didn't become friends till 8th grade. How is that possible? We had been in the same class throughout middle school, but we were in that weird different friend circle thing. We stopped talking for awhile during high school, but I never once stopped considering her a friend or a best one at that. She has inspired me to go for my goals and don't take crap from people, have not told her that in person but I hope these words can give you the same impact. Always will be one of my best friends and hopefully we will see each other soon.

5. 47 days

I'm going to be completely honest with this one, I have no idea why this streak even exist. We have literally never met in person, but we go to the same school. I'll tell you she's a very pretty girl and I probably only started this streak holding out hope that we could meet one day. It probably won't happen at all and I still question why I started it or why her and I keep it going? What's the point? Hey, the world is small and we could bump into each other, I'm not counting on it though. Yeah, this is one I wish never happened.

6. 49 days

This person is a mutual friend of other two mentioned before. She's super cool and really funny. This is another person I have not met in person yet, but I hope it changes. I think it just started and I just went with the streak because she is really fun to talk to. No, I'm not spilling out any feels right now people reading this. At the end of the day I consider this person a friend and a good one. Literally, the only person that I can talk about Bojack Horseman with and real talk it's amazing. I think I could keep this streak going, but for the friendship reasons.

7. 19 days

I met this guy in class during the fall semester. We had a couple of classes together and he is a cool guy. We talk on Snapchat every now and then, but I wouldn't label us in that friend category yet. I know this dude around campus and I think I would like having him as a friend. One week isn't too long and maybe this streak could also turn into a good friendship.