13 Signs You're A Sorority Girl Of The Proper Southern Variety
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Student Life

13 Signs You're A Sorority Girl Of The Proper Southern Variety

Yes, You had your Rec letters ready by middle school.

13 Signs You're A Sorority Girl Of The Proper Southern Variety
Allison Bailey

Yes... you've had your recommendation letters planned out since you were in middle school. Yes, you always knew you were going to go through rush. One thing you had no idea about was the stereotype of being from the South. It's just something you can't escape. Even if you go to a Southern school, somehow you find all the girls from up north. It's just not an easy street.

1. The stares you get when you say "Y'all."

This is Alabama people. If you're out of state and it bothers you, please excuse yourself. Yes, I'm going to say "yall." What do you want me to say...?

2. You automatically become everyone's go-to makeup person.

Makeup in the South comes right after learning the alphabet. Yes, I can do that for you. Blending your eyeshadow will help me get over this bad test grade.

3. "Oh, you're in that sorority thing you girls do."

Fun fact: The Bible belt also comes with the Greek judgment belt. No, we don't all act insane. Well for the most part.

4. "Do you still go to church."

Yes, Kathy. I was sick last week. Actually sick... nothing else. Thank you. Would 10/10 recommend the book of James when it discusses "judgment"!!!

5. "Oh, I just do it for the T-shirts and sisterhood."

The best classic response. I'm just going to put on this Lilly Pulitzer dress and act like a lady. Nothing is going on here.

6. "I miss my mama."

It doesn't matter how close to home you live. Nothing feels worse than missing your mom.

7. Trying to strategically plan to attend Old South before you graduate.

We just want to dress up. Is that a good enough reason?!

8. Having to remember the North has no sweet tea.

It's still very confusing. You mean to tell me they don't have it at all... sorry girls looks like we can't vacation above Tennessee.

9. "My mom would rip those shorts right off me and burn them."

There's a difference between a cute short jean skirt and the shorts that show half the booty. Let's keep it classy, ladies.

10. Telling everyone you love them even if you met them last week.

She met you for coffee for the first time today, but you already know you're gonna be best friends.

11. "Around here we hug."

ALWAYS. No exceptions! I also would love to meet your mom soon!

12. Automatically calling any outing a "girls trip."

Took us a little "girls trip" to Publix to buy some bread. Life is good.

13. " Let's get coffee sometime."

It's your automatic go to. All of the best friendships started out over Starbucks.

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