10 Thanksgiving Traditions Of A Crazy Southern Family

Holidays with Southern families are anything but normal.

Everyone and their mamas show up.

Oh, you invited 10 close relatives? Get ready for anyone who's ever been around your family to show up.

Everyone brings a casserole. 

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There's green bean, sweet potato, mac and cheese. The casseroles never end.

People ask when you're gonna get married or have kids.


Being single with no kids after high school is a rarity in your family.

And no one stays to clean.


Everyone suddenly has to leave when the host starts cleaning.

The only drink is sweet tea. 


You might get some tap water and beer, but thats about it.

No one sits at the dinner table. 


If the game is on, everyone is in the living room yelling at the TV.

The cops are called.


It ain't a party until your cousins get in a fight and your grandma calls the cops (or at least threatens to).

The men wear camouflage.


They also leave early to get a hunt in before it gets dark.

The women go over their Black Friday plans.


It's a strategic game plan, and they all meet up at Walmart.

You know you'll do the same exact thing next year.


Laughs and fights alike, you can count on the same traditions every year.

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