Sorry Not Sorry About All The Pictures I Take
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Sorry Not Sorry About All The Pictures I Take

Never apologize for capturing memories.

Sorry Not Sorry About All The Pictures I Take

If you know me well, you know that I take pictures ALL THE TIME.

I take pictures of everything. I will take a picture (or fifty) of a beautiful sunset. I will take so many pictures with my friends it probably annoys them a little. Then when I think I look decent, I'll take a few selfies and only end up posting one. Maybe. And I am not ashamed to say that I own a selfie stick to help me capture more in a shot. I also upgraded my iCloud storage because I needed more than 5GB to help store my colossal amount of pictures.

Life is a beautiful thing. If I could, I would capture every moment in a picture. I believe that pictures are like little portals to the past. My greatest fear is as time passes, I will forget some the wonderful memories that I have made in life.

Pictures give me a way a to remember and I am not sorry for taking any.

When I get older I want to be able to show my kids and grandkids about my life before they existed. I want to be able to tell the stories behind pictures. I want to be able to tell them about all of the people who are in the pictures and why they are so special to me. And if I name my children after some of my friends, then I want them to be able to see who they are named after. Some pictures (and even videos) that I have on my phone right now I will be able to look back in a few years and see how much I have matured. And hopefully in a few years I will have learned a few things and taking all these pictures will allow me to see my personal growth and maturation.

Our generation has the ability to take pictures anytime, anywhere.

This is something that no other generation before us has been able to do. I think that we, as a generation, should take advantage of this. We can capture every moment of our lives. There are even apps and social media nowadays based around images and pictures that we take on the daily. Countless "clouds" and photo saving websites have been created since our society has become obsessed with pictures.

It's okay to capture the bad in life too.

Obviously life isn't just a bunch of good things, there are bad moments too. And if you've never had a bad moment in your life, well either you must be lucky or a liar. There are lessons to be learned in life and history to be recorded. Think about all the pictures in history textbooks and museums, they were taken because the photographer believed the moment or scene to be significant. Pictures give us the opportunity to be able to save pivotal moments and crucial times in our lives.

So take every picture you want.

If you want to remember a moment, take the picture. If you want to capture the marvelous colors of a sunrise, get up early and take the picture. If you are feeling yourself one day, take the selfie.

I'm not apologizing for my frequent picture taking and you shouldn't either.

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