That moment when you find out you're somebody's second choice is a moment that guts you. What's even worse? When they come crawling back saying you've always been the one for them when you had finally finished healing.

That time I spent picking myself back up and gluing my broken heart together was a time in my life where I had to simply be with myself and learn that I deserve so much more. Now you feel rejected and broken-hearted? I'm sorry, but that's not a good enough reason for me to break myself down again.

I was your second choice the first time around and now, you're not even on my list.

How could I even be in a relationship with you when you pushed me aside for someone else? They didn't want you so now you want me? That's not good enough. You are not good enough for me to break my heart all over again. I will not give my heart willingly to someone who didn't even want it in the first place.

Ladies, if they didn't realize how beautiful and amazing you were right off the bat, think of the respect you have for yourself and your happiness before you even think of giving him another chance. They were the one who didn't know your worth and that is something they will forever remember. Find that one who sees how bright and beautiful you shine the moment they meet you. Let them have and keep your heart and nurture it. Don't give it to someone who won't even care for it.

I want my life to be filled with wholesome love. I want to be with someone who loves me and never pushed me aside for someone "better". I want respect and I want genuine love. I want that for you too.

When they come crawling back, let them sit in his rejection and focus on the one who never walked away.

They never deserved you anyway.