Sorority Work Weeks
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Sorority Work Weeks

Sorority Work Weeks

As we are coming closer and closer to fall recruitment, many sororities are getting prepared for the other side of the rush process by having "work week." This is a week (or two) long event where members of the sorority are practicing their conversation skills, recalling the memories as to why they went greek, and bonding with their sisters all at once. As I am getting farther into this really long week, I have noticed and learned a few things:

1. I love my sorority.

With everyone back together again after a long summer, it is so nice to see the familiar faces and be greeted with loving hugs from sisters. I also get to learn so much about the people I am in this organization with, as they tell stories as to why they went Kappa, why they love recruiting, and why Kappa is the best thing that has happened to them in college. There are times where some of my sisters have shared the most heartbreaking stories which enable us to cry together, comfort each other, and make them feel loved. And then there are times where someone tells a really funny story which makes us all laugh after a really stressful day. No matter the situation though, after talking with everyone and getting to know my sisters more, it makes me fall in love with this sorority all over again.

2. There is so much work put into the rush process.

Having going through the formal recruitment process almost a year ago, I can recall that being on the opposite side of the door was very nerve-wracking, scary, stressful, and overall, just plain miserable. But now that I am on the other side, I see that so much is put into the process and that even though you might be scared as a potential new member (PNM), so are the girls rushing you. If we seem a little nervous during rush, just remember that we have worked so hard to make that week go as smoothly as we can and don't want to mess it up.

3. I should have been a professional cheerleader.

Okay, besides the flips, jumps, and stunts, sorority girls are a lot like cheerleaders when it comes to door songs. I mean, we are screaming our hearts out, smiling our butts off, and being more peppy than the average cheerleader. So, move over every cheerleading team in the world, sorority girls are here to take your place, because Lord knows we could cheer for our specific organization all day every day. GO KAPPA!! Am I right?

4. Living in the sorority house is great until...

every member of your sorority is trying to use the bathroom during break and you just want to use it peacefully. Along with sharing the bathroom comes sharing the kitchen. Let's count how many people can fit into a kitchen at the same time while also trying to cook all at once. But, I must say it is rather convenient to be able to roll out of bed five minutes before you have to be downstairs for everything to begin. It's gonna be a fun year in the Kappa Kastle to say the least.

Even though I might be super tired, after these long work weeks leading into recruitment, I will have gotten closer to my sisters and more prepared for the new members to come!

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