Sorority Recruitment, as Told by Pirates of the Caribbean

Recruitment is almost here! It's surely one hectic weekend, but in the end, you're glad to have rushed! If you haven't gone through recruitment, my friends from POTC are here to explain just how it all goes down.

Recruitment begins, and you're ready to meet the houses

Then you hear the first house start singing, and you have no idea what's going on

After talking to so many girls, you become a pro at answering questions

The next day comes, and you get called back to some great houses, but sadly not to some others. It's ok though, because you know it will all work out in the end

You start to fall in love with the girls and the philanthropies that it becomes so hard to pick a favorite house!

Pref day comes, and you see the house of your dreams on your list

After visiting said house on pref day, you can't help but hope you get a bid from said house because it just feels like home

Bid day comes, and you're terrified/excited/nervous for what your bid will say

Then you open your bid to find the house that was meant to be!

You can't help but run to your new sisters and add this chapter to your life!

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