Growing up, I always saw myself going Greek. A large amount of my family was in Greek life and I always found it interesting. The summer before college I was starting to question myself on if I wanted to go Greek anymore. It was a big commitment, a lot of money, and takes up some time.

Coming to college, I went Greek and it was the best decision I have made since coming to college. My sorority is my rock and I can't imagine not being in such an amazing organization. I am one girl in a huge organization, but every single girl makes a contribution and an impact on my chapter. Through this article, I want to make an impact.

First, I just want to say I am not attacking anyone. I'm voicing what I believe from a Greek-affiliated point of view since there seems to be nobody speaking up for Greek life. There have recently been absolutely terrible instances in Greek life. It is such a sad time and my heart breaks for the people affected. But at the same time, it is not fair to create a powerful opinion based off of a few instances.

My name is Shelby Stump. I am in a sorority at Mississippi State University. I am telling you this because I am firm in my beliefs on this and not hiding behind a computer screen.

Sure, I can understand some people seeing how Greek life is only about partying. We have social functions, frats have parties, different chapters get in trouble sometimes. But guess what, you do the exact same things on the weekends. So don't be so hypocritical.

Greek life requires a lot of time. Time that most people aren't dedicated enough to give to an organization. It requires discipline because you cannot just do whatever you please in Greek life like some people think.

Last year, I got into a situation with another individual where I did not know how safe I was walking around campus. I did not know what was happening and I was just a mess. Instantly, different girls in my chapter poured into me and honestly I didn't even know some of their names. Offering to stay with me, me to stay with them, walk me to class, sit outside with me while I practiced, etc. Just kind-hearted acts because each and every girl in my chapter is hand-picked to be there for a reason.

Sororities are so involved in philanthropies also. For mine, I tutor once a week and I personally pour into those kids. Yeah, I know you can go tutor and volunteer without being greek, and I did all of high school. But performing philanthropic service with your sorority can be so rewarding because you can see how this organization, that you put so much into, does not just affect yourself. We affect the community.

In closing, I am sick and tired of hearing people bash Greek life. You will never get rid of Greek life no matter how hard you try. I am not taking away your right to your opinion, honestly think what you want. But keep that opinion to yourself because you simply make your opinion from the outside. I know 90% of the negative comments come from people that have never been in a Greek affiliation and base their opinions on rumors that are not true at all.