Sophomore Slump
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Student Life

Sophomore Slump

Second year doesn't feel the same

Sophomore Slump
Seeking the South

Lately I have been feeling down, like sophomore year of college has just been knocking my flat on my ass and I didn't have words to discribe it. As of four seconds ago I was watching Youtube where a girl explained that she expected to be happier as she went through her college years. However, she is in the same state I am, the one where I am just not happy with anything going on in my life. She described this as the Sophomore Slump and the term fits one hundred percent to my life.

As a freshman everything was new, the people, the campus, the classes were all exciting. However, coming back to school I no longer live on campus, the people I know are the same from the year before and the classes are harder. Don’t get me wrong I love my friends, but we are all going through the same slump. The one where we are taking on too much to hide the fact that we have no idea what we are doing anymore. For freshman’s it was okay to not know what we were doing. No one expected you to have a set plan, getting blackout drunk on a weekend and waking up without a hangover was a normal friday night. As a sophomore as much as people don’t expect you to know what you are doing, there are deadlines coming up. Internships, majors and good grades are something that can no longer be ignored for the rest of college.

Living off campus is a big part of my slump and even though I am surrounded by my best friends there are times I miss walking through campus and just feeling, connected. But no one tells you why you have this feeling of disconnection, no one states that you can not live in the bliss that was freshman year for the next three. I did not understand how I felt until I watched this Youtube video and I still do not know how to fix it. I also believed that coming back would feel the same as it did freshman year. Enjoying another year out of my hometown with the people I missed so much over the summer. However, there are no more surprises or new things to learn about each other, and we are all getting comfortable within our daily routine. The last is that my classes are getting harder than they were. This is to be expected, since costing through college was never the plan. Although, this year has taken a toll on me in the first five weeks that have already occurred and I am ready for a break. I don’t know how the rest of the year will play out but I am hoping that this slump goes away and allows me to thrive in my second year of college. I truly love where I am in life, even though it seems as if nothing is going right I have faith that this year will end swiftly like the last and Junior year will be one of the best i’ve had.

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Student Life

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