The Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3, is the largest gaming convention in the world. All of the biggest names in the industry show off their latest projects there and get their fans hyped. All the big names attend, including Sony. This year however, Sony more than dropped the ball, they spiked it and it landed in the sewage treatment plant next door. It was the worst E3 press conference I've ever seen in my 10+ years of watching. Here are the 7 reasons why Sony's press conference absolutely sucked this year.

1. The audio was awful

I know running a stream can be difficult, but Sony being the tech giant they are shouldn't have such problems. Issues like static, feedback, and low volume plagued the entire stream at one point or another. If this was someone's first time on Twitch such issues would be excused, but Sony shouldn't be having these issues.

2. They had to switch venues

The need to be different and to set yourself apart is very strong in this industry. However, that doesn't mean you get to do dumb things. Sony decided to use two venues in total for their conference. The first one being a tent in downtown Los Angeles during the summer, while it was probably better weather there that it is here, I don't imagine it was too comfortable.

The reason for this venue was that it looked exactly like the tent in the Last of Us II trailer they showed. After that trailer, they switched to an indoor theater to finish the conference. This took time which leads me to my next point...

3. There was an intermission in the first 20 min

If something runs long, then it is ok to have an intermission. Intermissions can give the audience a break, a chance to gather their thoughts, and to refresh themselves for the rest of the event. However, that doesn't really work if the intermission is in the first 20 minutes. It was fine that they wanted the first venue to look like the place in their Last of Us II trailer but, they could have maybe showed off a little more before switching venues. Having an intermission that early is a waste of time.

4. Showing Ghosts of Tsushima right after the intermission

The Ghosts of Tsushima looks like an interesting game. Mongols invading Japan, awesome samurai combat, and a potentially interesting plot, what's not to love? All of that is lost though when the first four minutes of an eight-minute 50-second gameplay trailer that came right after an intermission.

The reveal would've been fine if it hadn't immediately followed the intermission. Four minutes of a mysterious guy walking and riding a horse with little context or action happening does not alleviate the boredom of 3 guys talking about the one game that has been shown for 10 minutes.

5. Control's trailer

Control looks like a fun game from the people who brought us Quantum Break. It looks like instead of using time-based powers to kill people in unholy ways we get gravity-based powers to kill people in unholy ways. The issue that made it a negative for Sony's conference is that it was a mostly silent trailer.

That is a completely valid artistic choice that can enhance a game's trailer. However, given the previously mentioned audio issues, I'm not 100% sure whether that was an artistic choice or if that was the stream having a stroke.

6. Death Stranding answered no questions

It's no secret that Hideo Kojima is a few clowns short of a circus. While he did give us the world-renowned Metal Gear franchise, I'm not sure even he could accurately tell us the story of his franchise. His latest project, Death Stranding featuring Norman Reedus and his magical fetus, is not any less confusing.

The game raised so many questions when it was announced last year at E3 and exactly zero of those questions have been answered. In fact, one of those questions has been magnified in importance. That question is "What brand of acid did Kojima get his hands on now?".

7. Spider-Man was the best part

Most of you are going to look at that and say "Why is that a bad thing?". It's bad because that was the last thing Sony showed. An event is considered a failure when the answer to the question "What was the best part?" is the end. The game itself looked great, the guys at Insomniac do a great job. I've heard of ending on a high note but, never on your highest note.

All in all, Sony really messed up this year. They have a lot to make up for next year. It is not good when one of the biggest names in the industry fail so hard. All of the other big names brought their A-game this year, as they should every year. Sony just didn't get the memo.