20 Songs I'd Rather Hear at a Party
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20 Songs I'd Rather Hear at a Party

A big thanks to my friends who keep me surrounded by good music.

20 Songs I'd Rather Hear at a Party
Molly McMahon

Date parties, house parties, fraternity parties, tailgating tents, and chill study hangouts all have something in common: the same old songs. We get it, you’re a fun, chill person because you listen to Chance the Rapper. We’re sick of it.

Here are the faces of people bored by your basic tunes:

And here are some fresh party song ideas for you:

1. Selena Gomez - Bad Liar

Man, Selena has me shook with this one, you can find me dancing into a snap chat video.

2. The Cars - Just What I Needed

Can we please just get some oldies that aren’t "All I do is Win" or "Dynamite"?

3. Marian Hill - Down

FUN cool vibez

4. Cuco - Lo Que Siento

I’m a fan of this one, guys. It goes back and forth between English and Spanish, and I am here for it.

5. Mansionz - Dennis Rodman

This song’s just fun; truly.

6. Any Song Sung by Russ

"Me You", "Psycho", "One More Shot", and lots more. Plenty of good options when it comes to my man Russ.

7. Any Song Sung by Noah Cyrus

Don’t get me started on Noah Cyrus. This girl is just now gaining steam, but DANG she’s awesome. I really don’t even have to list songs here, because they’re all absolute BOPS. Thank you, Billy Rae, for passing on your musical genes and letting them develop into something way bigger and better than you.

8. BJ the Chicago Kid - Church

This one is a gem: it features Chance (I know, I know, settle down) plus its sort of sweet and almost wholesome.

9. J. Cole - G.O.M.D.

Sorry, ratchet I know, but it’s got such a good beat.

10. Train - Valentine

A sweet song that’s not "Wagon Wheel".

11. Ansel Elgort - Home Alone

Who knew Augustus / Baby Driver could sing?!? I've got to see him dance because I bet home boy's a triple threat.

12. Drake - Gyalchester

Why has Drizzy’s 2017 album, More Life, not hit the party scene yet? It. is. magical. Passionfruit is also 100%A+++

13. Madison Beer - Dead

The lyrics are kind of intense and hardcore, but the song as a whole is BANGIN, and we need more female sung bops that aren’t lovey-dovey

14. Calvin Harris ft. Future and Khalid - Rollin

This is the collaboration of our dreams. It has really cool beats, and chill vibez.

15. Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still

You wanna combination of like every cool sounding song you’ve ever heard?! Here ya go. The Man’s 2017 featured song makes you want to drive really fast and dance like a crazy person.

16. Fleetwood Mac - Tusk

This is a feel-good, party song if I’ve ever heard one. "Don't say that you love me! Just tell me that you want me!" Another oldie, another goodie.

17. Rihanna and Kanye West and Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds

Why do I never hear this one at parties? It’s such a feel-good song and it has three amazing voices!

18. NoMBe - Wait

A voice that makes my heart melt AND good beats AND cool vibez? Sign me up. Plus, there are tons of remixes available if you like a little more spice in your party playlist.

19. The Black Keys - Never Gonna Give You Up

A slower, groovier jam to mix it up a little. Ya gotta love The Black Keys or we can’t be friends.

~and finally~

20. Ceelo Green - F**k You

I firmly believe that this should be played and shouted along to at every party.

These additions to your playlist should get your guests will go from this Leslie Knope:

to this Leslie Knope:

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