20 Songs On My Hot Girl Playlist
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20 Songs On My Hot Girl Playlist

20 songs to remind you of the bad a$$ you are!

20 Songs On My Hot Girl Playlist
Photo by Marcelo Chagas on Pexels

Hot girl walks ONLY with these 20 songs:

1. 'Levitating' — Dua Lipa

2. 'Breath Of Life' — Florence + The Machine

3. 'Hair' — Lady Gaga

4. 'Bailando' — Enrique Iglesias

5. 'Sweet Nothing' — Calvin Harris, Florence Welch

6. 'New Romantics' — Taylor Swift

7. 'Last Friday Night' — Katy Perry

8. 'Since U Been Gone' — Kelly Clarkson

9. 'good 4 u' — Olivia Rodrigo

10. 'she's all i wanna be' — Tate McRae

11. 'Green Light' — Lorde

12. 'I'm Trying (Not Friends) — Maisie Peters

13. 'American Money' — BORNS

14. 'F U Anthem' — Leah Kate

15. 'Checkmate' — Conan Gray

16. 'I Love It' — Icona Pop

17. 'She Looks So Perfect' — 5 Seconds of Summer

18. 'brutal' — Olivia Rodrigo

19. 'Evacuate The Dancefloor' — Cascada

20. 'Plastic Hearts' — Miley Cyrus

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