15 Songs for the Morning
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15 Songs To Get You Moving In The Morning

If there's one thing that can get you ready to tackle the day ahead, it's the right song.

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Being someone who's mood is easily influenced by the music I'm listening to, I think it's important to find the best songs for whatever day you're having or want to have. These songs get you feeling productive and positive about making your busy day the best it can be! Rise and grind!

1. One Foot by WALK THE MOON


WALK THE MOON is the BEST at boosting your mood. Great, great band. Their songs are always upbeat and super catchy. This one especially is a great one to get you pumped to conquer a busy day, literally one step at a time.

Cross my heart
and hope to die
Taking this one step at a time
I got your back if you got mine
One foot in front of the other
All that we have is each other
One foot in front of the other

2. My Type by Saint Motel


This song makes this list more because of its fun, funky disco vibe than the actual lyrics. Super fun. You might find yourself dancing to class instead of walking if this gem comes up on shuffle. But isn't that the mood we're going for here?

3. Sunny by Boney M.


This is a 1976 cover of the original done by Bobby Hegg in 1966. It's an oldie but a goodie, I promise. Everyone needs just a little bit of disco in their day. Additionally, this song is what walking on sunshine feels like.

Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain
Sunny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain
The dark days are gone
And the bright days are here
My sunny one shines so sincere
Sunny, one so true, I love you

4. Get on It by The Kin


The song title says it all: GET ON IT. This song is all about working hard, making something great, and having fun all at the same time. How we're all tryna be, right?

Working overtime everything you starting over you
You stop me on it
Worrying over drive everything you do
You start it over you
You stop me on it on it
Get on it
Get on it

5. Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson


If you know Jack Johnson, then you know this song is not as energetic and upbeat as the songs that come before it. Still a fun and bubbly jam, this song adds a little acoustic and a relatively chill vibe to your morning. Still puts me in a great mood though.

6. Good Morning by Grouplove


The first line of this song tells us to "Live wide awake." Isn't just that the thing we need to hear every morning? If you walk to the beat of this song on your way to class, it'll get you moving with purpose and spunk for sure. Just all around super catchy and fun.

7. i By Kendrick Lamar


"I LOVE MYSELF." Saying and thinking this is a great, great, great way to put yourself in the right mindset to be your best self today. This song is a great reminder to just do you and forget the haters. It's also just really good.

Everybody lookin' at you crazy
What you donna do?
Life up your head and keep moving
Or let the paranoia haunt you?
Peace to the fashion police, I wear my heart
On my sleeve, let the runway start
So I promise this
I love myself

8. Another Day of Sun by "La La Land" Cast


For the more theatrical side of you, this song is from the 2016 musical movie, "La La Land". It's from the opening scene in the movie where everyone is on their commute to work. In musical-esque fashion, everyone breaks into song and dance about how awesome mornings are and the potential for achieving your dreams in each day. Soooo I'll take a gallon of whatever they're drinking. Or better yet, just sing and dance along in your head (or go for it right there on the sidewalk) and you're good to go!!

Climb these hills
I'm reaching for the heights
And chasing all the lights that shine
And when they let you down
You'll get up off the ground
'Cause morning rolls around
And it's another day of sun

9. Miracle Mile by Cold War Kids


An old favorite of mine. This alternative hit is just upbeat, fast, and energetic. It pumps me up no matter what time of the day. I also used to listen to it when I went running so it brings back some painful memories. Yikes.

10. Work this Body by WALK THE MOON


Here they are again! Like I said, WALK THE MOON is just a great mood booster anytime and every time.

And I will work this body
I will burn this flame
Oh in the dead of night and in the pouring rain
Yeah I'm a workaholic and I swear, I swear
Yeah one day I will beat you fair and square

11. Painting (Masterpiece) by Lewis Del Mar


One of the most underrated songs ever. Not as fast of a tempo has some of these other songs, but super motivational to go work towards achieve something great (a masterpiece, if you will).

If you want it, you can have it
Every color that you see, see, see
If you want it, want it bad
Then build yourself a technicolor masterpiece, oh
Masterpiece, masterpiece

12. NO EXCUSES by Meghan Trainor


This is probably the only really "pop" song on this list. It's super sassy and fun. It also just has a really good message about taking no one's crap and being a boss ass bitch.

13. Saturday Sun by Vance Joy


Ugh. Vance Joy. What a classic. There's no wonder this song became so popular. It's just too pretty and happy and catchy and uplifting not to love. Just a good song for life.

14. Celeste by Ezra Vine


Another one of my long time favorites. Another highly underrated song. Just listen and fall in love with your day.

15. A-YO by Lady Gaga


Some more pop for your morning! From Lady Gaga's newest album, this song is basically about being a boss and having fun. Just another song that can give you that confident boost for your day! Also, super catchy.

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