20 Songs That Fueled Our Teen Years That Will Always Bring Us Crazy Nostalgia When We Hear Them
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20 Songs That Fueled Our Teen Years That Will Always Bring Us Crazy Nostalgia When We Hear Them

Sincerely, the 2000s kids.

20 Songs That Fueled Our Teen Years That Will Always Bring Us Crazy Nostalgia When We Hear Them

Music as a Gen Z teen was epic and brought us some songs that will be apart of our lives forever.

These 20 songs will really take you back to the good old days and have you jamming out for hours.

1. “Somebody That I Used to Know” - Gotye

I just know these lyrics are carved into everyone's minds.

2. “Wildest Dreams” -Taylor Swift

These. Lyrics. Still. Hit.

3. “Riptide” - Vance joy

Flashback to 2013 and this was the only thing the radio was playing...

4. “One Last Time” - Ariana Grande

I just know we've heard this song at least 500 times.

5. “Take Me to Church” - Hozier

This will be classic in the years to come.

6. “Latch” - Disclosure & Sam Smith

338 million hits, need I say more?

7. "You & I” - One Direction

Anything One Direction, ruled my teen years.

8. “This Is Gospel” - Panic! At The Disco

Brendon Urie's vocals. That's it, that's all that needs to be said.

9. “Happier” - Bastille & Marshmello

Anyone shed a tear over the puppy? Just me? Okay...

10. “Young and Beautiful” - Lana Del Rey

Just the voice of an angel, c'mon.

11. “We are Young” - fun. & Janelle Monáe

May have been my ringtone circa 2013-2016...

12. “Young Dumb & Broke” - Khalid

American Teen. The album that ruled 2016.

13. “Cigarette Daydreams” - Cage the Elephant

This song just plays on my mind in loop.

14. “Feeling Whitney” - Post Malone

Stoney > beerbongs & bentleys. I said what i said.

15. “Be Alright” - Dean Lewis

We all listened to this song and pretended we were in a sad coming-of-age movie while looking out the car window..

16. "Blonde" - Frank Ocean

There's very few albums I can listen to from start to finish but this is definitely the one that ruled the late 2010s.

17. “Pour It Up” - Rihanna

Rihanna, I know you're busy being a bada** businesswoman with Fenty Beauty & SAVAGE X FENTY, but when will you release more bangers?

- Love,

The World

18. “Losers” - The Weeknd

Beauty Behind The Madness > Starboy

19. "LEMONADE" - Beyonce

I am convinced the world was never the same since Beyonce dropped this one.

20. “Malibu” - Miley Cyrus

Just a beautiful tune.

Peace out teen years, onto the next decade of music to appreciate and rave about.

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