The day became a bright blue

as if your eyes were staring into mine.

The sea, as black as your hair

crashing upon the rocks.

Reminding me of the passion we held

as my hands fisted in your hair

reminiscing on the last time I heard your voice,

mingled words jumbled in memory.

Chaos raged on in the background,

the only words I can recall would be your last

strained goodbye of “I love you, Darling.”

Your plane crashed into the black abyss…

my tears mingled with your water filled breaths.

Poseidon allowed no survivors.

My darling love, it crushes my heart

to have you gone so soon.

My breath begins to hitch with each tear filled memory.

The salty air crushes me to my knees

as I step into our backyard.

Where the cliffs overlook Poseidon’s black net.

The child shall love the water

as much as we had. She will not

know my hate

you were…you are my soul mate.