I experienced moments that were far outside my comfort zone this past week. They weren't bad moments, but rather, they were the opposite. When I stepped outside my comfort zone, I found that I experienced a immense amount of joy and grew in confidence far beyond my own expectations.

This week was a week of growth, a week where I stepped outside the boundaries I had set for myself. I crossed the line that held me back, and I found joy, freedom and confidence in the unfamiliar. I don't know why, but the unsafe, the unknown and the unfamiliar sparked a fire within me. It gave me a sense of purpose again.

For so long, I have been living in the comfortable. I became content in living in this box I had drawn for myself. But, this week I was pushed outside of the box and I never want to go back. I'm ready to risk more, to dream bigger and to adventure farther outside the lines that define the box I struggle to leave. I am ready to break the boundaries that define the comfort zone I have set for myself.

I know I will have days when I crave the comfortable. When all I want to do is curl up in a ball, shrink back into my introvert shell and never leave my safe zone again. But, I know that I can leave my comfort zone, because I have God on my side. He is constantly beside me. He sits with me as I stay inside my box and he celebrates with me as I venture outside into the unknown. He is my constant. So, no matter where I may land. Whether inside my box, or somewhere unknown, God will be there.

This week I gained a new understanding. An understanding, that my comfort zone isn't always needed. Sometimes, when you step outside the box you've drawn around yourself, you experience moments that instigate pure, immeasurable joy.