The Sole Purpose Of Hurricane Matthew

The Sole Purpose Of Hurricane Matthew

How destruction brought a revolution.

Hurricane season left a larger impact than we had originally expected with Hurricane Matthew being a key factor to the damage caused by weather conditions this year. This hurricane began as a tropical wave right off the coast of Africa. Within a week, it had reached tropical storm conditions, which eventually leveled into hurricane wind speed and rain. We’ve heard the news of some damage that occurred but I don’t believe all of us have taken into account the full effect from this storm. It not only destroyed the lands of the Caribbean but innocent lives were lost as well.

Fortunately, many areas that were expected to be hit were evacuated before more people were injured. Areas that included destruction were Haiti, Baracoa, New Providence, Bahamas, as well as flooding and power outages around the eastern coastal states of America. Flooding occurred throughout St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

Hurricane Matthew maintained winds of 90 mph and gusts over 100 mph. By the time it made landfall in these areas the hurricane had downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane which eventually became post-tropical cyclones; however, it still refused to leave land untouched or undamaged.

A surprising and unfortunate area to be hit was NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Here, Hurricane Matthew destroyed exhibits including a historic rocket and housing used by astronauts. Many power lines and buildings in the area experienced damage. The shuttle artifact had been blown over by the wind including the access arm, which allowed boarding and a house used back in the day as a place of rest for astronauts before launch. Its roof was blown off and numerous artifacts were lost or waiting to be recovered.

While this hurricane was devastating and unimaginable, it was a wake-up call. I had people I hadn’t spoken to in months (even years) call me to ask if I had been okay during the storm. Though Tallahassee did not experience bad weather during this time, many others did and it brought light to my eyes. As terrible as it may seem, sometimes it takes a tremendous loss in order for people to realize how quick they are to only care for their own safety.

Matthew was more than a storm. It was God’s way of saying we needed to reevaluate the way we are choosing to live. Many of us go through our day worrying about miniscule and unimportant details (what color should I dye my hair, why do I have two exams tomorrow, and why is it still raining?) We ask questions like these while there are people without a roof over their head or food to suppress their hunger.

This hurricane has given us a new doorway to walk through. A new beginning where we can trust in what He has planned for us as well as work together to help one another in times of need. He has come to our side to spread his message: that each and every one of us must be humble and kind and ready to lend a hand. We must wash away the greed and misfortune that has swept our nation in order to revive our land and relationships with one another.

It is our duty as those that were kept safe and sound to aid those who didn’t have an option. Nature had chosen for them, and it is our time to choose to help.

I have faith in our humanity as well as our bonds. I have faith for a better tomorrow, and with every day that passes, we are one step closer to the doorway He has opened for us. We must only have the strength to walk through.

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Ode To A Midwest Winter

I am struck with a wisp of wind so fierce it hurts my face.

Minnesota Minnesota:

Delicate snowfall blankets

your barren ground.

The first flake of white

captures lustful eyes

sparks awe within passersby.

The second flake,

a dainty doily from the sky.

The third,

the fourth,

the fifth...

They fall and they fall

until they become one pure coat

of polished white.

The next morning:

briskness stirs me out

of the comforting cave

of pillows and blankets.

I only move from my bed

in order to see the pristine beauty

that blessed the earth the day before.

But what,

what is that?

That dingy bear sleeping on the curbside?

It is a hill of snow,

no longer clean,

depressing to look at,

disgusting to touch.

I step outside,

expecting the radiant sunshine to melt

my frozen features,

but I am struck

with a wisp of wind

so fierce

it hurts my face.

Tears leak from my eyes

but freeze to my skin,

leaving racing strips of mascara

cascading down my cheeks.

I hustle to class,

cutting through buildings

chasing the warmth that cannot manage

to remain inside my

seventeen layers of insulation.

My hand skin dries,




The money I spend on lotion alone

is enough to feed a small child.

I reach for the door handle

of the classroom building.

My hand jumps back in fright.

So cold it feels hot,

I pry the door open and

release a long-kept sigh

of relief,

a new found appreciation for warmth.

As I sit in class,

attention wanes,

my eyes glaze over

like a fresh pastry,

as I daydream into the wonderland outside.


Why did I complain so much about this winter again?

Icicles dangling from the precipices of

frosty buildings;

Trees clothed in

spaghetti straps of snow;

Sunlight reflecting

off every inch

of that luminous lace.


As I sweat under my

layers of sweatshirts,

I almost forget how hard

the winter bites into my skin.

Leaving teethmarks of chill.

I remember why I moved here.

Just look at that natural iridescence.

I bundle back up.

Walk out the door.

My breath flees my lungs.

Ah yes.

I remember now.

The prickling pain

of the negative degrees.

But it is just a five minute

power walk from here to there.

Then I am free to embrace

the grace of the Minnesota winter

from the comfort of my comforter.

A steaming cup of something

thawing my ice blocks of fingers.

I love the cold,

but I hate being cold.

I suffer the cold outside

because the artist

Mother Nature

paints a picture so glorious

it makes one forget

what suffering even is.

I close my eyes and

drift to sleep,

weighted by blankets,

just as the earth is blanketed by winter.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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Dear Climate Change, We Floridians Are Fed Up With You

Don't we live in the "Sunshine State?"

Dear climate change,

Your friends down here in the "Sunshine State," of Florida are NOT appreciative of this cold weather. To start, we don't own the proper attire. Yes, buying new clothes is something we like to do, but to wear winter clothes only 10 times throughout the entire year is something called...a waste of money.

Not only does our current wardrobes just consist of summertime apparel, but we don't enjoy freezing our butts off when we college kids want to go out at night. Maybe it is nice not to feel sweaty and overheated while we are out having a jolly old time, but something about being too cold isn't the best of feelings.

Hence trying to take pictures in this weather is near to impossible. Standing outside in the forty-three-degree weather is simply not worth the picture. As we try not trample over one another to get inside, our noses turn blush red, our faces become numb, and we all look like marshmallows as we try to layer up. A look that we Floridians are for sure not used too.

Being that we are so not used to dressing to par for the winter time, the amount of people who have caught the flu or have gotten a cold is immense. Every person in the perimeter is suffering from some sort of sniffles and I can bet you that it is all because of the extreme change in temperature.

Now to the people that make fun of us Floridians for saying its WAY too cold out: Just think about it, we are used to warm weather year round, so when these cold fronts come, it's as if our entire universe just did a complete 360. We understand that you have to deal with this freezing cold weather for months on end, which is why I am sorry for you.

I am sorry that you chose to live in a place that gets below zero temperatures, gets dark at 5pm, and calls for many snow days. I don't like to brag but that's why Florida is the best state EVER. Being a snowbird is not a thing. Us Floridians get to travel to cold places for fun and return back to warm weather in just a few days. This is something we like to call a luxury.

So to all the snowbirds that LOVE to migrate down to Florida during this time of year: We are advising you to stay away because the bronze skin coloring you would like to return back to your cold state with, I can assure is not happening. We understand you are envious of what Floridians experience on a daily basis, but as of right now we are also suffering down south.

This love Floridians have for warm temperatures is why we are begging you, the climate change, to make a quick turn around and head back to the places that are known to be these absurdly low temperatures during this time of year. In all fairness they know what is coming for them and I promise you we do not.


Your bitter Floridians

Cover Image Credit: Warren Wong

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