It's 2011 and I'm just minding my business watching Nickelodeon. A music video of a boy band that my friend has mentioned to me before pops up. I, being an edgy 12-year-old, thought that it'd be so uncool to like a boy band. That was until I saw what they looked like. Zayn Malik caught my eye with his perfect features and beautiful brown eyes (sorry to my boyfriend, if you are reading this you are still the most handsome to me). I had to get to know more about this band and let me tell you, I did.

I was a fangirl, I won't lie. I was so into One Direction I would get genuinely upset thinking about how I would one day get over them. Naturally, I went to 3 of their concerts accompanied by my best friend. Even when they weren't going to be in the area one year we still drove 6 hours to see them. I would even get a little upset when any of them would get girlfriends, especially Niall. I was very dedicated, but that dedication was soon lost when they split. Was I as devastated as 12 year old me would have thought? No, not one bit. This is because I was starting to get over them before they really broke up, but just because I started getting over them does not mean I'm not mushy for them still to this day.

I can go months on end without listening to One Direction, but if I randomly turn on a playlist dedicated to them I will get so happy and scream shout those lyrics. I know every song word for word and I don't regret that one bit. They give me such happy feelings that I can't even put into words. I'm not quite upset that they are broken up and I think that is because they are all doing such a lovely job each on their own. They didn't have an ugly break up, it was just kind of time for them to do their own things. They all have their own styles and you can really see that in the music they make today.

I think One Direction was a very big part of my childhood and also a really great thing that I got to experience. I got to see them grow up together and then turn into their each individual selves. I'll never get tired of their music and I will still continue to support them, even though they are all on their own. I'm ready for their songs to be played on throwback radio stations in 2035 so I can get nostalgic driving my children to school and embarrass them with my singing.