To The Socially Awkward Kids Who Would Rather Stay In Bed Than Go To A Party

To The Socially Awkward Kids Who Would Rather Stay In Bed Than Go To A Party

Please don't make me go to social events and expect me to socialize well.


Dear Everyone,

Please don't think I am weird when I silently sit and wait for a conversation to start up. If I tried to start up the conversation my anxiety would skyrocket. Please don't give me weird looks if I quietly listen in on your loud conversations as a way to feel less awkward. Please don't get mad when I don't know what to say in response to your question. Please don't get upset when I can't talk to you about my feelings. Please don't get mad when I tell you to make all the decisions.

It's not that I want you to make all the decisions, it's just that I really have no preference and I don't want you to settle for my random draw of the hat. Please remember that your reaction fuels the fear of not being normal.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Please don't make me talk to the pizza guy on the phone, it stresses me out. I know they won't judge me, but I still have trouble doing it. Please just let my incorrect dinner order slide, speaking to the waitstaff about it gives me anxiety. I don't want to make them mad or think of me as picky. Please don't make me go to social events and expect me to socialize well. I don't do well in areas of communicating with strangers. Please don't question why I'd rather stay in bed in my room than make plans with new people. I prefer a routine.

Dear Future Lovers,

Please be patient with me, I don't know what to do. I'm not well experienced and need big hints to fully understand what you want. Please be slow with me, going too fast freaks me out. Just ask and I'll tell you. Please be open and honest with me, I respond better to direct questions. If you want to know something ask, I have no problem opening up when I know what to talk about.

Please don't be afraid to ask me anything. I am more comfortable when you start the talking. Please just wait for my walls to come down, I will open up and blossom into the fun weirdo Just give me time. Please don't hate me when I can't tell you about my feelings, I want to, I just don't know how to form the words.

Dear All,

You want answers and I can give you some. I am socially awkward and I know that. I would rather stay in my room, in my bed, than go out and meet new people. I have to prepare myself when I order food over the phone because I'm afraid I won't understand them. When restaurants get my order wrong, I eat it anyway rather than have them fix it. When I go out with friends I'm the most easygoing person ever. You want to go here? Okay. You want that kind of food? Done. You want me to pick? Um, well, I don't know. I sit in my room and read and watch TV while munching on snacks and wait for others to make the first move.

I keep to myself when I don't know what to do. I don't know how to start difficult conversations and I don't know what to say. I don't know how to express my emotions around other people, my family included. I learned that writing is my way of expression. Doing things that aren't in my comfort zone gives me anxiety and discomfort to the point where I isolate myself in a room of people. So please, a message to all, understand that we socially awkward few are trying our best. We just need to find a way to connect to you.

Yes, I am socially awkward, but I am still me, it just takes a little time and effort to find that out.

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A Recent Sports Bra Suspension At Rowan University Has Gotten Female Athletes Outraged

A recent ban was placed on the Men and Women's Cross Country Athletes from using their designated practice facility.


UPDATE: Following the publication of this article, Rowan University administration has released a statement ending the sports bra ban and a statement regarding the usage of athletic facilities by the Cross Country team.

If you're running in a sports bra, then you must be asking for it, right? Well, according to a football player at Rowan University, this is true.

I'll have you know the real reason women run in sports bras, and it's not to show off our hard-earned abs. Women, whether they have a six-pack or not, run in sports bras because, quite frankly, it's hot outside. We run in sports bras because our workouts are demanding, challenging, and vigorous.

We run in sports bras because we are confident, hardworking student-athletes.

We do not run in a sports bra as a way to show off our bodies in attempts to distract men.

Out of the 15 Rowan University Women Cross Country athletes, all of them believe running in sports bras at practice should be allowed. Even the girls who don't partake in shirtless runs at practice still believe the other members of the team should be permitted to wear whatever they feel confident in.

The Cross Country team at Rowan is one of the only teams that is not provided with a daily uniform to practice in. With that being said, how is it expected for the women on this team to partake in an non-existing dress code?

A meeting was held with the Women's Cross Country Coach and the Athletic Director to address this issue resulting in the verdict of the women on the team no longer being able to run in sports bras. If that wasn't already enough of an outrage, it was also decided the women were no longer allowed to run on the track.

Women running around the track in sports bras at their own practice were claimed to be distracting to the football players on the field during the same time.

As if the women no longer being able to run in sports bras wasn't enough, now they're no longer allowed to run on the track, period. The girls are now mandated to run on the local high school track on workout days.

In 2015, Rowan University officially finished their new $4.6 million athletic practice facility. The practice facility includes two fields for football, soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse athletes. There is a dedicated practice area for each team. The men and women Cross Country teams have their track. Now they no longer have that privilege.

The problem here is not the women on the team. The problem is not the women wearing sports bras. The problem is not women's bodies.

Rape culture is the problem.

The fact that the Athletic Department supports the claim of this being distracting, or the women "asking for it," is disgusting. Mind you, the Athletic Department put together a video involving student-athletes addressing rape culture and how it is not tolerated here. Oh, is that so?

"As girls, we could look at the football team and say that their tight pants showing off everything is asking for it, but we don't. When we are on the track, we are doing a hard workout that requires all our focus, so we aren't looking at them and what they are doing. If they are distracted by us, then their practices clearly don't require their full attention, or they just aren't as committed to the sport." -Anonymous source

In the world of professional athletics, all female Elite runners are permitted to wear racing crop tops. Not only are they non-restricting, but they are a trendy, comfortable, and empowering part of the running culture.

As women, we are constantly reminded that we should be ashamed or embarrassed about our bodies. It's 2018, and yet women are still being objectified with their physical appearance.

As a nation, we are taking a step back into history, and as a University, we are teaching student-athletes that this is acceptable.

The women on this team not only represent the University but the growing community of female runners. It's time women are allowed to embrace their bodies and not live in constant fear of being degraded by men.

Women, athletes or not, deserve to use their voice and take a stance. The future generations are watching. Let's set a good example.

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Confessions Of The Girl Who Can't Seem To Get Adulting Right

I'm 25 years old and ready for my life to start looking up.


Over it all, done with life, I can't do this. I have been on the edge of locking myself in my room and never speaking to another human again for MONTHS. I haven't felt this lost or tired in my 24 almost 25 years of life. I don't know how people have their shit together, I don't get how someone can look at another human being and know they're meant for them, I don't know how someone can grasp their minds around the idea that everything will be fine. I can't. I am swimming in debt, I sometimes let my bills become overdue because I can't pay them all on time and thank god I haven't had anything cut off because how embarrassing would that be?

As much as I know my parents will help me; they are the absolute last people I will call for help. I will drowned myself in my own mess until I can figure it out. I have my dream career, teaching. Can I pay my bills? Barely. Do I have two other jobs? Yes, 100%. Am I completely overworking myself to the point where I can literally feel myself getting the flu? Without a doubt. What else can I do? I need to have multiple jobs to afford my crappy one bedroom apartment on the "bad" side of town that is only $500 a month. It's not fun. I take back wanting to grow up because this is a sick joke of a life.

This sadly isn't even just my reality. There are so many young adults out in the world that can barely make it and get through. As much as I'd like to blame a habit of buying things I don't need; I rarely do. I bought a sweater form TJ Maxx for $12 and I felt so much guilt after leaving the store I almost returned it. It's not fun living life with extreme buyer remorse; I even get it bad when it's for groceries. Now that, that is the worst feeling in the world. In no world should one feel guilt for buying themselves food with their hard earned money; but I do. I have gotten to the point where I'll buy enough to make myself lunches for school and hope I just don't get hungry enough to want dinner and if I do? I keep pasta and rice on hand because that's only about $1.82 for a months worth.

When I'm not worried about how I'm going to survive the next month, I'm busy freaking out over my non-existent love life. I will literally convince myself that I am going to die alone almost every time I'm left alone with my own thoughts. Love is such an odd thing because I never know what's going to happen in my life. What if I don't meet "the one" until I'm 45?! I would probably die, not even joking. I don't know if I could emotionally stand to wait that long.

Life is hard and messy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I know that my early 20's are supposed to be difficult, and I know that things are going to be hard at times. That's what growing up is all about. I'll complain until the cows come home, but I know that in the end, it'll all be worth it.

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