Enjoying social media has become somewhat of an 'unpopular opinion" lately, and I'm just trying to figure out why.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about a quick Google search of "social media is bad" will do the trick.

I've read them all and though I'm not necessarily disagreeing with the hard fact these articles are giving, I'm here as a social media lover, to stand up for her if you will.

A lot of these articles are holding true that to the fact that social media has been proven to heighten anxiety levels, create body image issues, and increase overall sadness, mainly due to FOMO and self-comparison.

While this may be true for some people I don't think it's fair to blatantly ignore all of the positives social media has brought into our society, such as network connections, sharing your voice, finding entire communities of people who relate to you and keeping in touch with loved ones.

I've dealt with an average amount of anxieties and insecurities as much the next person, but I don't blame social media for that. I'm sure like other millennials do, I remember a time without social media, and I can clearly remember having these same self-deprecating feelings then when social media was barely present in my life.

I experienced life, not too long ago, with very little contact to social media, and it was the best time of my life (thus far), but looking back at it now I can see it had nothing to do with my inability to be connected on social media. I'm referring to my study abroad experience, and why I mark those feel months as some of the best in my life aren't because I was unplugged, they're because I was studying abroad!

I wasn't on my phone nearly as much for those 103 days as I usually am because of my international service plan. But I can promise that if I could have free use of my phone and subsequently my social media accounts, it would have made those 18-hour bus rides to Germany and Austria a lot more bearable.

If you're reading this article odds are you found it through a form of social media, and I will admit that has a lot to do with why I feel the way I do about social media. I'm the President of my school's Odyssey team, an online platform designed to give millennials a place to share what they're passionate about, and the main way we share our articles is through our social media accounts.

So yeah, I get annoyed when I read or see people posting on their social media about how much social media sucks.

I wrote this article because I like social media and I don't want to be shamed into thinking that is a bad thing, especially on a social media platform. It's ironic really, you allegedly don't believe in anything social media is about, yet you're taking to social media to share these thoughts.

And though I of all people know we are all entitled to our own opinions, and social media is a platform designed specifically for that, if you don't like social media or you've found that it's not good for you to partake in the sharing and posting culture that these websites thrive on, why are you sharing and posting on it, that's all I'm saying.