How Social Media Can Impact Your Workers’ Compensation Case
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How Social Media Can Impact Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Examine how social media activity can affect workers’ compensation claims, highlighting privacy and legal considerations.

How Social Media Can Impact Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Social media is as much a part of people's daily lives as work and family. You might use it to stay in contact with relatives and friends, share updates about your life and keep up with others. However, few expect a harmless post to affect a significant legal matter.

Workers' compensation offers employees financial security after suffering a workplace injury. Yet, what you put on your Facebook or Instagram profiles could prevent you from getting the amount you deserve.

It's crucial to be mindful of what you share on the internet regularly — but those with workers' comp claims under review must be especially cautious. Here is what insurance companies may scrutinize in your feeds and how you can better protect your profiles from unwanted spectators.

Privacy in the Social Media Era

Over half of people don't trust companies to protect their online data. Yet, many still post private details about themselves on various platforms. Social media companies, in particular, have rolled out new privacy features to limit who can see specific content in close friend circles or the public sphere. Are your posts really protected, though?

Suppose you accepted an unknown follower. With 1.38 billion active daily users on Instagram alone, one is bound to slip through the cracks. Who will stop them from taking screenshots of your content and using it to their advantage?

What Is Social Media Scrutiny?

If you file a workers' compensation claim with your employer, it is essential to consider your digital footprint. Social media, in particular, can come back to bite you.

Everyone is entitled to workers' compensation if injured on the job. Typically, workers' comp covers two-thirds of lost wages while the individual recuperates. However, insurance companies and legal experts may scrutinize your online presence to ensure eligibility.

For example, you may accidentally post images or videos highlighting inconsistencies with your reported injuries. Additionally, if posts suggest you're extending yourself beyond doctor recommendations, you could damage your credibility. How could you possibly complain about back pain when you've returned to influencing at the gym?

Contradicting your recorded lifestyle could also cause setbacks in your claim. You may be more active outside of work than you said, and insurance companies may not believe your physical limitations.

Safeguarding Your Social Media Presence

It’s best to restrict social media activity when waiting for a workers' compensation claim to be processed. However, if you must engage online, you should safeguard your accounts in four ways.

  1. Adjust Privacy Settings

While it isn't always foolproof, limiting who can see your content is essential. Ensure only trusted family and friends can access your complete profile and posts on every social media platform.

  1. Review Content

Avoid posting anything related to your workers' compensation claim, including upcoming doctor's appointments, physical therapy or how well you're feeling. Hold off on posting photos and videos of you participating in physical activities again.

Insurance claims may take some time to be analyzed. Therefore, you want to maintain your chances of recovering part of your salary after a workplace injury.

  1. Disable Location Tagging

If you have a pending workers' compensation claim, appearing at the gym or local park may make a poor impression on case reviewers. Disable geotagging and check-ins that reveal your location in your posts.

According to one study on geotag usage, 35.5% of participants posted where they traveled to, and 33.7% tagged a restaurant or cafe. If any of these places contradict your limitations, it could raise red flags for insurance purposes.

  1. Deny Unknown Friend Requests

Accepting unknown friend requests can be dangerous — you never know when someone has wrong motives, such as hacking your account or stealing private data. Regarding your workers' compensation claim, someone from the insurance company may try to gather information about you for the case.

If you receive an unsolicited friend request from a stranger, deny or block the user. If you suspect the account is fake, you can also report it to the platform.

Lock up Your Social Media for Fair Compensation

It's essential to post on social media carefully during a workers' compensation claim. Locking your accounts with more stringent privacy settings can prevent you from risking your case and ensure you are adequately compensated.

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